Disabling neighbors beacon effects on your res

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Do you think this would improve the game or not?

Yes 19 vote(s) 86.4%
No 3 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. First off, I’ve been a member for, at the time of writing this, 1040 days and this is my first post (I think). I’ve seen massive server malls get built and crumble to nothing but empty chests. I watched the first jungle tree grow and the first horse race on my server. But I digress…

    I’ve been working on my res for a few months (6-7), off and on. By that I mean I’ve been in college so I didn’t have time to come on too much. Anyway when I get back to do some more work, I find out I have a new neighbor and a giant rollercoaster next door. I can tell they put a lot of work into it while I was gone. But unfortunately they have a beacon that’s effect radius stretches into my own res. It not to bad but I count myself lucky I don’t have more around me. I was wondering if there was a way or could be a way to disable the effects on your res from other peoples beacon? Now I know some people like that, and use it as part of their res but if we could have the option I would us it.

    I can’t see why people would disagree with this but I’m sure someone will. If this goes well maybe I’ll be a more active forum member.

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  2. Isn't there a flag for this? /res set buffs false
  3. wow thanks southpark, made my day
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  4. didn't work, still have magic speed, oh well
  5. That shouldn't happen, probably a bug? PM Aikar about it.
  6. Another thing... While the buffs flag should work for now (I also didn't know about it, thanks southpark!) it doesn't fully solve lashing's problem.

    The buffs flag basically controls the receiving of added buffs while on your residence. But if lashing would want to use a beacon of his own sometimes then he'd run into the same problem again I think.

    Just mentioning that, in my opinion the question / suggestion is an interesting one. Though I have no idea how you'd implement this ;)
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  7. /res set buffs false will work... except for the res owner, people with +buffs, and res admins. It's a long-standing bug that I'm pretty sure I've asked senior staff about (I can't remember the answer). I have been wanting a fix for a long time now - I've had to get rid of the beacons on my res due to a jump boost buff carrying over to my parkour residence (with buffs off).
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  8. I believe that it is on the to-do list.
  9. Good work on color choice... *Slowly claps*
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  10. why thank you
  11. I agree you should be able to disable beacon buffs on your own res. I used to have a neighbor with a beacon and hated trying to work on that side of my res because as soon as I stepped out of range I would feel like I was crawling. Now I have 4 myself and when I am away I have lever activated pistons to disable them so as not to annoy my neighbors. Maybe your neighbor would be willing to put access signs on a couple pistons so you could turn them off when he/she wasn't online.
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  12. Not quite sure, but this may or may not be on the list of improvements to make.