Disable cheats on single player?

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  1. Hey everyone, been a while since I was on EMC since I'm pretty busy IRL, however my friends and I play a private world together and I've run into a problem disabling cheats, since one tends to be rather aboosive.

    When I first made the world I must have accidentally put cheats on. When opening up the world, I turn cheats off but it doesn't override the cheat settings when the world was created. Any tips for disabling the world? My guess is that there might be something in the world save folder that I can delete that will disable cheats.

    Thanks in advance :)
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  2. Can't be done in vanilla. You can download NBT edit and do it through that instead.

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  3. If it is a lan world, you can prevent him from using cheats by turning them off in the "open to lan" settings. This is what works for me and my brother.

    Edit: Disclaimer: the owner of the world can still use cheats.

    Example: testing out a map in adventure mode. You can use it to prevent the tester from accessing creative and ruining things.
  4. iKloned and nuclearbobomb are correct. The only way to truly disable cheats after being enabled upon world creation is via an external editor. Like nuclearbobomb said, you can use "Open to LAN" to enable/disable cheats. This will also work for the owner of the world but if cheats were enabled upon world creation, it won't work. To enable it should be obvious, and to disable it you just relog. I do think that this is a weird way to do it though.

    I also wish that Mojang would simply add a "/cheat disable" command for singleplayer only or something else like that as it would make much more sense and would be fairly easy to remember, I'm dreaming at this point. :p

    I hope this info was helpful. :)
  5. Perfectly possible, no editors needed, will also keep stats but... One caveat: player inventories and positions get reset.

    Get the seed of your level (/seed), create a new level using the same seed. Now only copy these folders from the previous gamefolder: data, playersata, region and stats.


    all structures and stats, no inventories.
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  6. Good idea!
    Of course, entity inventories will get transferred, so if your friends put their stuff in a chest before you do it they won't lose anything.
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  7. I have looked everywhere for something like this and could never find it. I definitely recommend using this method if you don't want to download an external editor to do just one thing as I will be using it as well...

    Thanks for sharing Shelluser, hopefully the OP got the info he's looking for. :)
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  8. Well I am the owner so I guess that settles it, the method we have to open our world so my friends can connect from across town still needs us to open to lan then forward the port that we opened, I just wanted to make sure it worked that way since one has a tendency to aboose creative lol.

    but I'll try what you said shell just for kicks

    Thanks guys :)
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  9. Oh wow, NBT Edit. I didn't know that was still going lol. That and Invedit were my early Minecraft days way back in 2011 before TMI was widely used .-.
  10. I know the drill, I've used this method many times myself to share a single player level with my gf. But just to be sure: you are aware of the server versions? It's not that hard to either get the official server jar (Mojang) or (my favorite): an open and/or 'enhanced' version such as Spigot. Then simply copy your data over and anyone can enjoy a cheatless game; a server will give much more control over what players can or cannot do.

    If you want even more control then a permission plugin such as PermissionsEx is really the bomb so to speak.

    Maybe food for thought?
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  11. If it's at all feasible, you can also rent a server from a host like CubedHost for pretty cheap where you can set individual permissions. Some hosts make it real easy to do stuff like that, as well as create new maps/worlds, add plug-ins, load up a mod pack, etc. And if you have any trouble with it their customer service will help get it all set up how you want it! And you can make them private with a whitelist so only you and your friends can access it. :) My friends and I do this since we like modded minecraft and it works really well for us!
  12. If it's just him and a few friends, I wouldn't bother going with those cheap hosting sites. They give you an awfully small portion of resources and put you onto the same network node as potentially hundreds or even thousands of other customers.

    Hosting it yourself would be the way to go.
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