;-; dis is what the colorful res messages cause XD

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  1. It was Jc, messing with me, but look how convincing this would be....
  2. This will become intresting...
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  3. :]

    It also helps you were jumping in and out of my res..
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  5. nooooooooo :(
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  6. this is so funny im laughing
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  7. Whats wrong with fake town messages? XD And fake /tells?(The /tell trick is cool so it feels like a player is sending you a message when you leave. :p )
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  8. 2013-08-19_11.17.20.png 2013-08-19_11.17.56.png

    Hilarious. xD All done using Residence Colors.
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  9. haha thats awesome!
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  10. 2013-08-19_09.48.56.png

    This is my new favorite thing.
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  11. I want to get supporter just for this now...
  12. Seriously, forget dragon tombs just let us keep this! I can have conversations with my residences XD
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  13. This is THE best thing to ever happen to Empire Minecraft since Groups.
    Oh, and a bug comes with this. If the server is rebooted, the res messages turn the &'s to ?'s making the message look weird >.>
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  14. Because, people can use it to "impersonate" staff and trick people into thinking things that aren't true. FYI, don't do this.
  15. Piggeh posts 1 off topic message.

    Everyone else spends an entire page off-topically saying random post is off-topic. :p
  16. D; But but but...I want GameKribJEREMEY to say I'm cool D;
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  17. Could I use it to make a /tell message when you leave a residence? :p I made mine so when you leave the residence it will send you a /tell type message telling you to come back soon.