Digger Needed

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  1. Looking for a bit of digging done.
    It will be for a half of my residence to be dug out, 10 layers down as shown in the picture.
    Reply below or PM with offer if interested.
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  2. Will you provide shovels?
  3. Yep, but only Iron.
  4. Idk, 5k? Is that high?
  5. may i suggest Pming Qwertyip?
    he does 60x60x1 for 750r. So I think he would charge about 3,750r?
  6. My last /p of Qwerty show he hasn't be on for over a month.
  7. Oh. nvm then.
  8. Can I nudge that down to 4.5k?
  9. Yes :)
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  10. Excellent, I can login soon to clear the details.
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  11. Online now
  12. I can login, sunday at 9AM GMT, is that okay with you? Now i need to sleep :p
  13. Ah, no, but I will get the res ready for the work.
    You will find a chest of Iron Shovels ready for you as well as the line marked out, as show in the picture.
    As well as build an container.
    Res 10484, smp5.
  14. Oops. I'm stupid. Can you please give the perms to 'TomvanWijnen2'? My normal acc (this one) is in the End... -.-
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  15. And done
  16. Starting now.
  17. Out of shovels and chest full with Dirt.
    Can i keep the Dirt or do you want it?
  18. You can keep the dirt, I will restock soon.
  19. Restocked, sorry for the wait.
  20. Out of Shovels again.