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  1. Hey you yes you got nothing to do? Want some dirt? wana help me:D

    Do /v 14368 on smp7 to help me clear out EVERYTHING in my res even the dirt .Go all the way to bedrock until every dirt in that is i GONE SO HELP ME PLZ

  2. tip tnt and lots of it.
  3. meh i only have 1k XD
  4. hint if your online later when i am give your neighbour perms to tnt the place =p i only have a stack or two to get rid of lol
  5. To late i reseted my res to do something else XD
  6. lolz no worries
  7. This subforum is for bugs/server problems, NOT asking people to dig. Please post this elsewhere in the future.
  8. Oh but it said like 'HELP and SUPPORT
  9. It still should only be used for server issues/bug reports/similar stuff. I reported it and it was moved to Miscellaneous, so that should speak for itself.
  10. True that, but always check the pinned posts when you're going to use a forum. Those give you good hints what to look out for. In this case there is a "Using the Help & Support forum" thread. Not too much of a big deal now, the post got placed into the Misc. section. But if you're going to participate in auctions then this becomes really important (because all the specific rules are also in one of those posts).
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  11. -_- ok