Using the Empire Help & Support Board - How to ensure you get the quickest response possible

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  1. Empire Help & Support Board

    "Help Us to Help You"

    Empire Minecraft is a large, complex and customised instance of Minecraft spread across several worlds over several servers. The system used to allow Players a degree of freedom is often confusing to understand for beginners and even for those that know the system inside and out, questions still sometimes arise.

    Listed are a few top tips if you need help specific to Empire Minecraft:

    1 - Ensure your problem is related to Empire Minecraft and not just Minecraft

    If you have a problem with how the game runs, how to make it work on your computer, Minecraft account issues or something that's unrelated to Empire Minecraft, then try posting on the General Minecraft board here:

    2 - Put the question in the title

    The Title field is quite long. You can probably fit most questions into it. So instead of titles like

    'wat will happen to plot



    They could instead have used:

    "What will happen to plot if I upgrade to Gold?"


    "How do I get the Achievment Images in my Signature?"

    This means that realistically, the first person into your thread already knows the question and is hopefully coming in with the answer saving everyone time and effort.

    3 - Be concise and clear about your problem

    If you have a problem, explain it in detail and length if neccessary. The more we understand about your problem the less time we will have to spend asking you exactly what you mean and the quicker you can carry on with your game.

    4 - If it's a bug, replicate it

    EMC isn't without its glitches. If you find one, try to make it happen again, and again. If you can duplicate the glitch then chances are, is that it's a permanent glitch in the system and something that needs to be addressed.

    The classic example was the glitch that if you typed /home or /nether whilst in a moving boat, you would glitch and die in fire in the Void. This was repeated several times before being reported ensuring it's an accurate fault.

    5 - Don't be afraid to ask for help in-game

    If there is something you're not sure about or need more information, try asking in-game first from the myriad of helpful and knowledgable players. Chances are they had the exact same problems as you at some stage and may already know the answer.

    6 - Read the Empire Guide

    It's said time and time again, and you must have completed a tutorial which refers you back to it throughout, but the Empire Guide answers almost every question you're likely to have about EMC. Apart from anything else, it's a good read too. So if you've not read every page of it, go do it now and you'll be surprised at how much you learn.

    Above all, be sure of your problem, be sure it is a problem and not a simple mistake you're making and never be afraid to ask for help as there will always be someone willing to lend a hand!
  2. Great guide!
  3. For some reason when i go to empire minecraft it says fail to login:bad login when i have already logged in and does anyone know how i can prevent this?
  4. You could add:

    "When ax do full engrish sents, their better understand you says. Helpy more, yah! PLEAASE"

    Translation: "When asking a question, please use complete sentences. Try to use standard English word order and articles. Think a moment about your spelling (there/their/they're?) and choice of words. Fully express what you want to say. Keep your sentences short. Then people will understand you better, and you will get more help. Thank you."
  5. i only get bad login
    when i login
  6. You will probably get more help if (using Kilmannan's and Henry's advice up there ^) you post your own thread where people will actually see your question ;)
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  7. Very nice. One additional thing: the search box can be very useful. There's a really good chance that your question has been asked and answered a few times already.
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  8. login fail:

    i have been away too spain for 2 weeks.
    And when i come back it said banned for x-ray mod.
    How could i use x-ray mod when i wasn't even on minecraft.

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  10. EPIC.
  11. lol facepalm
  12. I need help joining a server. I have an adress for the place I want to get, but I dont know what to do from there. I need very simple step by step instructions on any way I can possibly get to the point where I can build something on a server. can u help?
  13. Just as a piece of advice, you shouldn't really bump threads that are old as this one.
  14. The thread's stickied, so there's no real problem with it being bumped. :)
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  15. All the same though, it's an old thread.
    I guess I don't like bumping old threads.
  16. Where can I file an unban and actually be answered then I don't know who banned me
  17. PM any mod, they can find out.
  18. Thanks for helping! Btw which server u on
  19. 1,4, and 5