[DIARY] My School Life

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  1. Hewo Everyone :3

    As you know school is coming or has started for some people but its on its way for me :D I start school on September 6th, which is pretty soon! So I was thinking why not make kind of a public diary saying everything that happened at school that day. So almost everyday after school I will come here and post like a diary/journal entry! You guys can comment and ask questions about my days as well :3 This will be starting the 6th of course since thats the first day of school for me. I am in middle school and i am going to a new school so new faces, since i just moved!

    I Hope you Enjoy this, its just for fun and all :p

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  2. Yey, a place where I can read all about someone else's torture :D
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  3. BUMP!

    School Starting In 5 Days for Me!
  4. Soo im not the best writer but I had my first day of school today so here i go!

    9/6/16 Day 1: New School, New Friends

    Today I walked to school with my neighbor/friend with some other kids which was fun, we played pokemon go on the way :p When we got there we had to wait in front of the school and find our assigned advisor. My advisor was late so I backed away towards the trees because i was nervous :/ When he showed up he brought us to the gym and handed out some papers we had to sign and our parents had to signs then gave us a tour of the school. This was all new to me since my old school was elementary-high school in one school and this was a real middle school also there were only about 300 kids in my new school. I was very quiet and did start conversations but if someone came up to me and talked to me I would answer. I met a lot of people that came from all over the world, it was pretty cool :D The bad thing was I couldn't open my locker and I keep getting lost ;-; I cant remember a lot of the kids names or the teachers XD I was literally a nervous wreck the whole time. I did meet these 3 guys though who were goth, they were epic, we hung out for a while. Later that day at lunch some girls who were dressing really fancy were speaking in another language which might of been Hebrew and they were staring and pointing at me. I tried to make myself look cool so they wouldn't judge me :p A few minutes later they called me over and we talked and I pretended to like fashion and shopping and not talk about video games and technology. They asked me if I wanted to join the "popular" group and I said no XD They were like whatever your loss. During recess and yes i got recess in my old school we didnt have that :p :) I was wandering around and some girls came over to me and we hang out became friends and all and they asked me to join the Geek group and I said yes :3 So im staying around the geeks and nerds now. After science I was in the hall by my locker and some guy in my grade who was a year older than me came up to me and introduced himself to me and i did the same. He was amazing <3 XD blah blah blah time to go home.....and i got lost trying to find the exit lol so I followed the principal secretly out of the school XD then I met up with my friend and other kids who were all younger than me by a year and yet they thought I was a 5th grader which is younger than them ;-; im not that short, i was taller than most of them. We all walked home together playing pokemon go then we split ways.

    Thats it really :p like I said not that good at writing. My worst class and least favorite is Math and my best and favorite is Science. I get to do Tech this year :D ( in my old school they had the WORST education and didnt have really anything ) Hope you enjoy day 1 of my school XD I also have to take Spanish :( I dont want to learn that and its so confusing, this is all ik: hola diablo. Also i probably didnt say that right. I am going to learn French in high school though or Japanese.
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  5. spanish sucks i have to take it
  6. Enjoy middle school, you only got 2 years in there, better make the best of them while you still can c:
  7. Middle school wasn't that bad. :) You should consider yourself lucky, I had to take economics -_- last year.
    But, don't worry about spanish, you can always encourage yourself with this phrase.
    Si, se puede!

    Hicé una caminata en la naturaleza con los arboles y las mariposas, cuando mi primo no hizo.
    Oops got sidetracked. Thats for my actual spanish homework tonight, xD Listen to the first phrase though, and good luck translating. ;)
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  8. Also, don't use Google Translate, or this will happen.
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  9. 9/7/16 Day 2: Im not lost?! XD

    So I was nervous about the second day of school. Would I make a fool out of myself getting lost every period again?! At first when we went into the school I found my Geek/Nerd squad and we talked about tech stuff and all :p When first period started I have math and once again I couldn't open my locker ;-; I tried so many times and BAM! I opened my locker :D :D :D :D That is the first time in the world XD I have never opened a locker before, in my old school I always left my locker open ( i had to any way it was full of junk XD couldn't close it ) and I left my gym locker unlocked. I was struggling with math because im so bad at it, surprising im in the average math class and not lower. Time passed and the teacher helped me and i got through it all. Nothing really happened today until lunch and onward. I didnt get lost the rest of the day I only had trouble finding Science which was last period but my friend helped me. Also I kept unlocking my locker by myself, I didnt have to get a teacher or custodian to open it :p! *time passes throughout the day and now its gym* So it was gym time, today we got our gym lockers. All the girls went into the girls locker room with our locker combinations and number. We got in there and none of the lockers worked XD The teacher/coach said he didnt know whats wrong and he would see into it. So we dont have gym lockers atm. Time passed and it became lunch, we all signed into lunch and went to our tables. I of course sat with the Geeks and Nerds :3 A few minutes passed and I was done with my lunch ( I eat quickly XD ). All of a sudden the guys over at the table with there group ( Their Jocks ) called me over. I thought they were going to kill me or something XD :eek: Instead they introduced there self to me and they said they saw me playing soccer with some kids the other day and said that I dominated the field. My mouth just dropped cause I thought they would make fun of me. Well we all became friends and said there sad I joined the Nerds and Geeks and not the Jocks but they would still consider me a Jock :p Thats when I fell in love with another person XD .////. His name is Jesse, I still like Tyler to XD but the end of the day came fast and the group of kids that walk home together left ( I was with them they didnt leave me :p ). We played pokemon go on the way and thats all really :p

    Spanish did not go well ;-; The teacher told me to read something they learned last year and I was like, I cant read or speak Spanish and she said oh yes u do now dont cause drama. Rude. I told her i wasnt here last year and my old school did start Spanish till this grade and she called my mother cause i was supposedly lying but she still didnt apologize after my mother told her i wasnt lying but whatever XD
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  10. I remember being able to open my locker was the best feeling in the world for the first few days of school. :p Grats on getting it figured out :p
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  11. If you want help with spanish I can always lend a helping hand c:, I'm Mexican cx, or Mexican American if you wish to get all technical, but hey this Mexican American guy can sure as heck help you become the Spanish speaker that no one ever was! cx
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  12. i would have failed Spanish last year XD only the teacher was super sympathetic and could not read my writing so if it looked close he marked it right XD my final's grade was a 98
  13. 9/8/16 Day 3: Cant Remember Anything....To....Hot....;-;

    Lets just say this I cant remember the whole day because of this major heat ;-; heatwave it was like 96 degrees where I was plus my class rooms dont have air conditioning. I can only remember that I did a skit in LA ( language arts ) and my table group didnt come up with anything so we had to make it up as we went along XD So I had to act disrespectful to the "teacher" because i didnt like my progress report grade. Here it goes: Teacher ( Collin )- "Im sorry but you got a F on your progress report" Disrespectful Student ( Me )- "What?! Are you kidding me, I stay up 5 hours after my bedtime every night studying and working my butt off! What do you mean I GOT AN F?! I dont deserve an F!" Teacher ( Collin )- "You do" ( as in I do deserve an F XD ). Everyone started laughing when he said that so the teacher was disrespectful to :p Also i unlocked my locker every time, yay :D Also at lunch some kid named Dave was making fun of me and my lunchbox ;-; until my squad starting yelling at him. There is nothing wrong with my lunchbox XD it is just a pokemon lunchbox. Thats all I really remember :/ :( Im dying of heat atm. ( not literally dying XD :p )

    Well I will also say this even though it does not involve school. Since I am the only one without a iphone or samsung galaxy in like the whole middle school my mom decided to finally get me something, I do have an ipad but its old and I have to share it with my little sister. My aunt contacted my mom and had a chat so my aunt got me a Samsung Galaxy s7. I dont have it yet but soon ill have it :D

    Enjoy your day XD

    Its Really Hot in New Jersey atm where im at
  14. Sounds like a pretty nice day to me, the calming 96 degree weather, a bit of insight on the teacher and a chance to look back and learn from your mistakes, the sight of your friends being there for you, not to mention you're getting a new current generation phone, heck back in my middle school days the best I had was a galaxy s2 when the s5 was new and when the 100 degree heat started to become old news. Still kinda is cx, glad to know you're doing fine c:
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