Diamonds gone in Town Res

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  1. Been playing for a long time and managed a bunch of diamonds. Just logged on to my in town res and noticed I now have NO DIAMONDS! How can this happen??? In TOWN RES!!

  2. Did you give someone container/admin permissions on your residence?
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  3. PsychedelicTrash has container flag so it is very well possible that this person was the one who had taken them.
    How many diamonds I could probably give you some.
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  4. They grew legs and walked away.

    See above post.
  5. The answer is pretty obvious, I took them.
  6. ppl already answered u, but just wanna say its y i keep my valuable stuff in /vault or enderchest :confused:

    never give ppl admin flag or container flag b/c its easier, its only dangerous 4 u :(

    im with keliris up there, how much u missing? i think i also know some ppl who may be able 2 help ^.^
  7. Phooey!!! You may be right. Psychedelic wouldn't have taken them, but she could have been careless with her log-on and one of her "friends" not-so-much. I'll wipe my flags. Thanks for offers for more, but I'll just go digging in the Wastelands again, it's one of my favorite things to do.
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