Diamond Supporter TNT thing

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Do you think tnt shoul be able to be placed without supporter?

DUHHH!!!! I WILLLL!!!! 6 vote(s) 13.6%
Nope, they need their money. 32 vote(s) 72.7%
Well... I am iron/gold supporter and i want to able to use TNT! 6 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. Say that you didn't know that only Diamond Supporters can place TNT and you waste all of you gunpowder and sand... AND YOU THROW THE TNT AWAY BECAUSE ONLY DIAMOND SUP CAN PLACE TNT!!! Empire, Enraged Creepers drop TNT but it is useless unless you are a diamond supporter. make TNT be able to be placed without supporter.

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  2. No, Just no. This is not going to happen. Forget it, it is a supporter only perk for many reasons - ( not just less greifers ).
  3. Do you want griefers to be able to wipe out a wild base with the flip of a lever?
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  4. I disagree. People pay to use TNT, and it wouldn't be right to just lose a perk.

    Just sell it, if you get 3 TNT that's 250r right there.

    Think of what could go wrong with TNT. Cannons in town, easier griefing, etc. Honestly, I think that people who support are less likely to abuse TNT, because they obviously like the server and wouldn't want to get banned.
  5. People pay to use TNT, you should have seen the supporter perks to double check what features you have limited to as a free member.

    It's not useless. Ever heard of a shop? You can just sell the TnT.
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  6. i think you can place tnt in your res but not activate
  7. Nope, you can only activate tnt in your res, but not place it.
  8. Nope, Cannot place TNT.
  9. You cant even place.
  10. Yeah like everyone else said, sell TNT even if you cannot use it. It actually sells for quite a lot, so why would you want to throw it away?
  11. You will still need to turn TNT flag on, Diamond only.
  12. Note that the only restriction on TNT is placing it. You're able to light it still, and even set the TNT flag on your res to true - meaning if you have a willing diamond supporter friend, they'll be able to help you use it. :)

    Not anymore. :)
  13. Well, this will never ever happen. Countless threads before were made to get this implemented, none affected the current rules behind it. If a greifer came to your base out in the wild, and covered and filled the darn thing in tnt, then light it on fire, that would be chaos. Now I know that not everyone would do that, but, it is a precaution that must be taken.
  14. Hey, you guys notice something? If you type nope so many times, it becomes open! Anyways....

  15. Wha? when that was that changed?
  16. A couple of months ago. Aikar did it accidentally, but liked it, so left it.
  17. No.jpg
    Way to easy to abuse. Definite no.
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  18. No for all the reasons stated above.
  19. Wait a minute, so you can't place TNT on your res without being a Diamond Supporter?