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  1. Hello, i have one simple question. 'Do you lose your residences when you're diamond or gold supporter stops?' Thanks. :)
  2. No. Not yet, but they will maybe change it.
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  3. I think that yes, because if not I will do it a month and claim 4 res and then I dont pay anymore
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  4. No, unless the server is in need of res' then non-supporters with 2+ res' will have them removed but given notice to get any items etc of it.
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  5. At the moment you will not lose your residences. However, this is subject to change due to numbers of people taking advantage of the server this way. Notice will be given regarding such a change when it comes around.

    My advice: if your supporter-ship expires, destruct your extra res's and move all items to your first res for safekeeping.
  6. Hmm, i still don't know what to do. 1 month Diamond Supporter or 4 months Iron Supporter. I like resses, but not if it's only for one month. Can any of you help me?
    Btw thanks to all who replied :)
  7. Why not a second account?
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  8. 16 euro isn't 20 euro :p
  9. 1) 1 account is now 27 euros, you know... 2) Do you got a little brother to 'give' Minecraft to? (And you playing with it?)
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  10. Err, my sister already have Minecraft :p
    And OMG O_O is it now 27 euro 0_0!! (Don't forget i'm Dutch :p)
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  11. Bump! I still need help.
  12. Anyone who can help me?
  13. I personally would split it down the middle and get gold for two months. utopia wild, /map hide, 2 reses, etc
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  14. Exactly. that's what I did, and why I went gold. I needed an extra res, but I'm somewhat low on money.
  15. what?
  16. I see what he did there!;)
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  17. If i get 1 month Diamond Supporter, and then Iron, will my resses then deleted?
  18. Currently no, but this is subject to change in the future.
  19. Thanks. :)

    I still dunno what to do... or should i get Gold?