Diablo 2 and Blizzard.

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  1. /rant

    Blizzard was once a great company in my eyes. My first ever online game was Diablo 2, when I was 9 years old (Scary, I know - it was rated M at that time, I believe). I played online with some of my family, and met a few friends, who I am still friends with today - Jake, and Jose (Neither play MC sadly).
    After I had started getting friendly with the internet, (and beat D2's expansion), I moved on to Starcraft/Broodwar and beat that.. But playing those games online was one of the funnest experiences I've ever had.

    I loved Diablo 2 so much, that I did get Diablo 3, so Aikar and I played it together, beating Normal mode with no problems. That was when I realized how much I didn't like D3 compared to it's older brother, D2.

    My dog had gotten ahold of my D2 cd sleeves, which had my CD Key's, so my D2 key was lost, and I bought a new one.. The LOD key was saved somehow.. So I went to register that to my Battlenet acount, only to find it was in use.. That was odd, so I took a picture of me trying to enter the code, with me HOLDING the cd key, sent it in as a support ticket, and this was the response I got;


    I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the D2 LOD key. I have taken a look at the key and it has been claimed by some one else. Unfortunately just having the sticker is not enough for us to remove it from someone elses account. I am sorry but you would need to purchase a new copy for your account.

    If you have any other concerns or issues please feel free to contact us.


    Game Master [name]
    Blizzard Entertainment

    From this, I can gather that they don't actually care that I showed PROOF of owning the game, they only care about making money off of me (I mean, how else do I show ownership, find a receipt from 2-3 years ago when I repurchased the game?). I was a long time standing customer with Blizzard, being that I started playing WoW when I was 15, and finally quit a solid subscription when I was 18. I still subscribed and played off/on again, for.. Well, until last year.

    So yeah, someone used a keygen and stole my LOD key, and Blizzard does nothing, for someone who has been playing their games since she was 9, and actively giving money since 15.

    /end of rant
  2. I suddenly feel old. Very old. I had my master's degree when Diablo II came out. :rolleyes:
    I remember when I was shopping for it in the store there were several packages that had been opened already (someone had stolen the key from each of them).
  3. Wait a sec. Key gens accually work?.
    Also Blizzard is a company their allegience is to the shareholders. Thats why I play EMC the staff accually cares if you go to them with a concern/problem.
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  4. That was my 3rd time buying a new D2 game.. My friend used to use a keygen and once got my CD Key by random chance... Yes, they very much so work.

    I was reading the D2 forums, apparently they've made the Battle.net servers almost unbearable to play on, plus players mod like crazy on there, and have all sorts of stuff they're not supposed to, like maphack.. I heard one case where a guy would make games that were password protected, and someone else who wasn't on their friends' list kept going in their game and harassing the crap out of him.

    The Battle.net servers are not safe, so I play strictly offline.. I was thinking of possibly making a LetsPlay with Diablo 2. :p
  5. By unbearable to play on, I mean players have difficulty connecting to the Battle.net, get a lot of Failed to Join Game's and a bunch of other nonsense.. No support at all. Plus the Forums are a ghost town when it comes to any staff. The people on there will tell you such, and it's quite obvious.
  6. Wow thats terrible. I remember back then when games had no cheats and addicts. Everyone was at roughly the same level...I do enjoy games still but it feels like most of the fun has been taken out with cheaters.
    Also you should go forth with that idea of makin a LetsPlay with Diablo 2 ;) Go for it !
  7. Alright, I'll get to work on it now. -Brbswitchingtowindows.-
  8. I have just come to the conclusion that companies don't give a toss about loyal customers, or any customers come to think of it.

    EA, boy I could rant bout them all day...
  9. It kind of makes me wish I could make a game, with the staff we have, because then the customer support for it would be awesome.. But I know nothing of game making. Also, looking over my Let's Play, I don't think it's appropriate to link to on EMC, so I'll just leave it to be stumbled upon.
  10. That would be awesome. Mojang and Indie devs are the closest to a "decent" company and even then... I guess everyone has a price at which they can be bought for, haha. Some higher than others.

    It's also not always the developers fault, usually the publishers.
  11. Mojang.. Decent.. Probably before it bought on the bukkit devs. EvilSeph = literally evil. I could rant about him all day.
  12. Aikar literally does rant about him all day xD From what I heard, not a nice fellow.
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  13. There are very few bukkit staff that are actually nice.
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  14. Can't play without em though :( ..Yet.
  15. You know who has the worst customer service? Netflix... Oh my gosh... I could go on about them... like... forever. Please don't get me started.
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  16. Boycott Blizzard, just get everything from Valve. Valve's like a cat; loyal, friendly and the Internet loves him.
  17. This saying.. I've read it in Reddit. Do you also browse the web addiction?
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  18. This is one of the reasons why I stopped playing WoW and got sick of the stupid changes in D3, that all led to them Blizz earning more and more money instead pf providing a better gaming experience. I hated the AH, it was a cancer. I don't know about customer service, when I had poblems with my WoW account they were very nice and helpful, but I guess that they provide a slightly better service if you pay monthly than if you paid just once, the greedy ........ >_<

    If I find it, I'll post a pic that compares all game companies with kinds of friends from Reddit too xD
  19. Blizzard has become a money-hungry vampire like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.
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  20. I do indeed, I can prove it.
    The narwhal bacons at midnight, and that's a terrible way of identifying fellow redditors.
    Popular circlejerks include /r/worldnews, /r/politics, and above all /r/atheism.
    JewBoySandler is currently not married yet.
    I do not believe the vault has been opened yet.
    Mitt Romney is Hitlerally Mittler.
    /r/AdviceAnimals has never at any point in its history hosted a single intellectual discussion.

    I'm probably exponentially more Reddit than you.
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