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  1. Hello everyone, wanted to give everyone a status update on where things are with EmpireMinecraft!

    Recently, we launchd the new Tutorial

    This was step 1 on a major push to rebuilding the Empire's numbers!
    The next step is nearly done, which is changing how players are able to join the server. You know that wall you hit on your first connect telling you to go to the website? Well many people hate that... so we're tearing it down! Players will be able to immediately connect, and then simply register for the forums in game. This will allow them to see some of the tutorial first, so that we can better 'set the hook'.

    Once this is in place, we will begin launching massive campaigns to drive new players to EMC, as well as campaigns to bring back old players. We lost quite a few members due to the 1.3 bugs, and we are aiming to let them know everything is stable now and they should return!

    We are optimizing how our incoming traffic arrives at EMC, currently working on a new landing page: [wiki]why-empireminecraft[/wiki]
    This will help give the new visitor a reason to join EMC, instead of just seeing the home page, telling them what makes EMC awesome!

    What's next?
    We are hoping to slip in 1 or 2 small things quickly after the new join experience, namely Mail! Also, some improvements to voting including better rewards! A Daily Raffle system including some nice rewards! We hope these small things won't take longer than a week.

    Then... It's what you've all been waiting for: [wiki]dragon-tombs[/wiki].

    Dragon Tombs will then be the next major development, and we will hopefully be able to launch it within the next 3 months. Note that this will be a major piece of work so it will take some time, and we are also going to handle this a bit different, in that there will be a supporter based beta testing program, but the goal is to get it out to everyone by end of year (hopefully earlier!)

    Of course 1.7 is likely to rear its head somewhere in between... but I'm really hoping we won't have to do as much for 1.7.

    But, onwards to growing the Empire!
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  4. As an idea, could you perhaps make it so once somebody first logs into the website, before joining, it redirects them to the "Why Empire Minecraft" page?
  5. Can't wait to beta test :D Will it just be diamond supps though?
  6. ditto, and I can assure you mine is longer than 64 characters..
  7. I believe it will:
    I think Aikar meant to write "less than"
    Or not :)
  8. It was meant to be min 64 characters, just had the rule wrong.

    Fixed it.

    As for the landing - it wont affect you if you go directly to empireminecraft.com - but all the links like referral links, server list, ads, etc will direct to it.
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  9. I wrote a testimonial, I hope it helps. (might have made a few errors tho x: )
    I truly look forward to all the good stuff that's happening within the next few months.
    You guys are definitely doing a good job in attracting and involving players to EMC!
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  11. In mine you can cut out anything unneeded It was about 4or 5 lines long
  12. I'm noticing some are worded in a "Here's why you should join EMC" way, but you should be wording it in why YOU like EMC, so please reword if you need to :)
  13. Say what you want, but we'll still beat Half-Life 3. Maybe.
  14. Valve has trademarked Half-Life 3, so it may be a thing
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  16. Yeah, I hated to be "that guy" but you would find out soon enough
  17. no, I wouldn't. I would wait patiently outside of my local video game store until it came out
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