Development Status Update - 4/12/14

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  1. Hey all, wanted to give a status report on where development is

    We just sent out a bunch of improvements to our join process to help improve the number of of players completing the tutorial, and technology for Maxarias and Krysyy to use in designing a new tutorial (so that they arent held up by me)

    Thats out of the way, and I've done some much needed improvements to voting to make it simpler for everyone.

    The previous current task was difficulty setting, which is 98% done (Which is a requirement on the Dragon Tombs work) - just a few bugs left to crank out... However development efforts have sadly had to switch as 1.7.8 has been released..

    Why is 1.7.8 stealing priority?
    Sadly, 1.7.6+ does not work with 1.7.5 servers, and this 1.7.8 update is very important as it brings in a conversion process to support name changes in Minecraft.

    If we do not jump on this upgrade process, it can seriously set us behind on the 1.8 update and make it much harder to upgrade... It can also force us into a bad situation where EMC is not ready to support name changes - but mojang releases it!

    So, we have to jump quick here to get everything converted to this new way mojang is doing things, or else the server could be in a bad shape.

    This is something EVERY server is going through. It's a major headache in the development world, and nearly every plugin is likely broken in some way...

    Thankfully, due to EMC's professional design, it's actually not as much work for us as it will be for other servers! Shops are about my only concern, but I have ideas already to solve it.

    It's also a high priority to get us to 1.7.8 so we can ensure all of our new members trying to connect will be able to get on. EMC is doing amazing in growth right now, and we've thankfully solved nearly every concern that caused problems to the older members with "How do I claim a residence". Things are looking good for the Empire, so we just need to ensure our new players are able to get on easily and have a good time.

    After 1.7.8 is done, we will go back to fixing the remaining issues on the Difficulty setting, and get that out the door.

    Then, on to Dragon Tombs Part 2 :)
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  10. Sadly, I can only play 1.7.2 :(
  11. Oh well, I only really needed that difficulty thing for my long quartz mining trips, but now that it's out of the way, I can wait :)
  12. erm....amazing
  13. The update will still support 1.7.2
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