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  1. Hello Minecrafters!
    Today I decided to hop on EMC for the first time in about 70 days. I did my normal "I'm Back! Did anybody miss me ?' and then typed /home . I was very upset to find out I had lost both of my residences. I have only 100k r as I have more value in my items on my residences than on my bank account. I know understand the "30 day rule" (meaning I don't need the reply saying there is nothing you can do about it) and everything it's just I feel that the orgin players of EMC should not lose everything they have worked on for over 2 years of being on this once wonderful server. Thank you EMC admins and operators ,for keeping this an enjoyable server for 2 1/2 years. I think my time on EMC , and all big servers is over. Thank you , Sincerely , Hijaxk
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  2. this is kind of thing is what happens when you don't sign on for longer than the protection time :(
    voting, or simply logging in once in a while could have prevented this.

    EMC is still wonderful.. :) so you should stay!
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  3. Stayyyyy
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  4. Honestly, there is no need for change here, this is the players fault 100%. If you can't find 30 seconds a month to at least vote once, then it is your own doing. For the rare cases you actually can't, say you are in the army or such, you can contact staff to get an extended derelict policy.

    No changes need to be made. If someone leaves without setting up any sort of system with staff, or at least voting once a month, seriously once a month, then it's the players fault.
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  5. As I remember, Jax, you were resetting your residence every other week or so anyway. You went through two head museums, a castle, and a horse farm in the space of a month on just one plot. :confused: I'm not saying it's not a shame that you've lost your residences for inactivity, but I do have to question just how much you actually lost with that kind of track record.

    At any rate, the nice thing about EMC is you're always welcome to return whenever you wish. Maybe you can look at this as a fresh start, or take the opportunity to do some wilderness living?
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  6. While it sucks to lose your items, at that length of not playing, EMC decided to categorize you as someone who had abandoned your res. Like you know, EMC has been around for a long time. They have decided on very reasonable and now well time tested derelict requirements.
    The server is still wonderful. Considering what you have presented, I have to assume that you think it is not wonderful anymore because you lost your items. I suggest you have a deep conversation about why EMC is not wonderful anymore with the man in the mirror, because he is the one that ruined your experience here.
    I don't like this idea at all. While it does suck to lose stuff, new players and old get the same feeling, and that feeling is generally proportionate based off of time spent on the server (meaning equal sadness). What kind of new player wants to play on a server that seemingly favors and babies older players? They will see this as "I have to work for my stuff, yet the older players already have everything, and have less rules to follow than me." The staff could talk as much as they want about how everyone is equal, but it wouldn't help.

    Everyone here gets treated fairly, and there is perfect equality. I would rather see the rare old player be upset at EMC for a problem that is purely rooted in the player than see new players view EMC as a corrupt server.
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  7. Ooooh poor you. *glares*