Destroyed chest on my res with items still within it but lost my starter chestplate somehow

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  1. So I was moving the chest and contents from main floor of my res to the basement and as I did with all the other chests, I just destroyed the chest without taking items out. I had too many items (not the mod) already in my inventory when I started absorbing the items from the single chest so I put some of the items temporarily in another chest. As I finished picking up the rest of my items, I used a teleport sign to get down to my basement and started to put stuff into the chest already set up for that specific chest. It was my fresh started set with everything included, but I was missing the chestplate. I know sometimes items jump into other blocks but I dug out the area around and I still can't find it. Don't know where it went or whether or not it is a bug for chests. Is there a way to track where the item went? Thanks :)
  2. Starter stuff have souldbound on it. There is your problem... Maybe ask some staff if they can respawn them for you
  3. Check your /mail (sometimes the system can mail dropped soulbound items back), check /vault and check other chests to see if you just misplaced it (happens more than you would imaging. Other than that you can message Sr. Staff in a forum convo and see if they can help.
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  4. Some times when this happens to me it randomly appears in my invent some time after. I hope you get it back :/
  5. Checked all my chests twice, my inventory, vault, ender chests, and mail. Can't find it still. Thanks for your advice
  6. Also is a forum pm the same as a regular conversation pm?
  7. Yeah, the "Start new conversation" option, which is basically a private message. But can become a full conversation when more people get invited.