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  1. A lot of people will hate me for this, but I'm a designer on roblox. Heh. I'm making a fancy lobby that I have no idea what to make for it. I'm thinking clothes-based. It's very fashionable

    Anyways, I need some help getting ideas of what to build. I'm a poor scripter, but I can do some things. The only thing I can't really construct is organics. But could anyone give me suggestions? :) I'll provide images:

    And there's also this sexy table that doesn't currently have a use:


    An unrelated thing, on skyrim, whenever I go into Lucan's store in Riverwood, I always giggle and think to myself "what's up, good lucan?"
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  2. Also, I made the clock on the ceiling a legitimate clock:

    Also, any suggestions would be nice :)
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  3. Oh my god, you are great at this.

    Have you tried contacting some games such as Murder to suggest to them a new map? You are talented.
  4. Thank you! I never contacted anyone, and I probably won't. I don't think I'm good enough for that, haha. Usually when I build, I focus so much on details that it takes a long time to actually expand a project
  5. Bump! Just need ideas, that's all :)
  6. Wow, that looks very cool!
    What kind of ideas do you need, though?
  7. Ideas like what type of rooms, what ornamental things on the floor/walls :)
  8. Why don't you make a pool with some of those night tile-art things?
  9. Do you mean granite? Or decals?
  10. Like maker a pool, and add some neat stuff to it.

    If you made the pool a model, it would receive a lot of attention I think.
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  11. accepted

    Also, my account on roblox is woolhat. You can check that out if you want, I have some other cool projects that I'll never finish xD
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  12. I don't think I can do it to that much detail without destroying roblox over 10 times (which I already did with this, lol) BUT, I did get in some tiles :D
    I made the pool, and I'm going to install it sometime tomorrow :)

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  13. You're really good! :)
    The only thing I did on Roblox was make little different parkour courses scattered throughout the starter world you'd get back when
    I registered my account :p
  14. Thank you! I started with small things like that too. I made a miniature Cosmo from fairly odd parents when I was like 12. It wasn't fantastic and had tons of infected blocks, but it made me start making more detailed things :)

    On another note, I made some updates! My mom said "Make some furniture"

    Towel rack, and a pool-side lounge chair :D
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  15. If anyone wants to make other suggestions, it'd be pretty cool to see something made into a 3d (didny) world! You can either post an image or an idea :) I'll give credit if credit is asked for

  16. I'm still taking ideas, if anyone wants to throw any out :) I'll be posting more pictures. Even though some of you are probably annoyed at this point, hehe
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  17. How small can things be? Could you make plates and cutlery, for example?
  18. Technically speaking, any size. Of course, there wouldn't be much reason to make a sofa so small that it's invisible :p But there's two ways to making small things.
    1: Make a large scale of the object you're making, and use a scaling script that recreates it to the exact dimensions, but to a smaller scale.
    2: Just use block/cylinder/wedge/sphere meshes. you can change the scale of the mesh per part. I do this option, because getting an actual idea of how large it will be as you go along gives good insight to how it will look next to a player.

    EDIT: Also, the average block, if you're unrelated to roblox, has the width of a "stud" (Kinda like legos!) A stud can be compared to the height of the head of a player. Usually when I'm building individual parts, I resize and move objects at 0.05 studs, and sometimes do 0.025.
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