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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Grimez, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. I suggest that if there is a res that a banned player or a derlict res, I think there should be a /adminderlict command, since there are some of those res' with valuable items going to waste.
  2. keep in mind that someone derelict can always come back to EMC, and he or she doesnt want their res to be griefed...

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  3. No. Just no. Derelict residences shouldn't be used for profit. If this was accepted, we'd have people ckecking every res to see if they could grief it. This is something we do not need.
  4. I always wanted this 'concept' of returning items that to waste. I always see diamond blocks and Aikar heads, and other valueables, which the player will never achieve. However, the idea of griefing is worse. We already have enough griefing in the wild; EMC doesn't want to encourage more, even in town. -1 This could be implemented in a different way.
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  5. If a player gets banned it would be cool if this was allowed but with their consent.
    I don't think a derelict res should be able to be griefed. EMC is built on the safe town policies and grief protection and derelict griefing would kind of ruin that.
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  6. -9
    Sorry not sorry.

    I see you'd like to reap what others have sowed.

    We're watching you now

  7. -1

    theres plenty of valuable stuff in waste.
  8. Well, they did abandon their field.
  9. I don't think others should profit from another's mistakes. This could also be a loop hole for a banned player to not lose their items to the purge.
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  10. Hmmm... maybe if when a Res gets deleted normally like it does now, maybe code should scan for EMC unique items and scatter them into naturally found chests so maybe rare items wont die off as quickly and it'd kind of make a fun treasure hunting adventure? It might be hard to code or intensive to run so even that idea sounds bad.
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  11. I had a similar suggestion except those rare items get put in an official EMC museum (non-player owned) So the history could be preserved without anyone profiting off of others.
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  12. this is very true i think Know it will not work
  13. I can see why this could be suggested; derelict is synonymous to abandoned in normal context, but in EMC it can mean "away for an extended period of time in which the res can be availiable to claim," meaning the owner could come back. -1
  14. there s no griefing allowed on emc
    so no
  15. Let's keep the comments focused on the validity of the idea on EMC. Elevating the critique to being rude towards other players will result in post removal and, potentially, closure of the thread. So please be respectful towards others.
  16. i dont think any critique is really necessary, this idea comes out about every 6 months on emc in one way or another. the purples and SS have denied it every time because it violates a core principle of the residential system.

    that being, that noone gets your stuff if you go derelict.

    i mean aikar has painstakingly put motions in place where you dont even get things off item frames anymore. so why would this be any different?
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  17. Nice idea. Oh! An Empire shop auction! All proceeds get deleted out of existing so no one profits, a nice rupee sink, and rare items can still be loved by owners.
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  18. Pickup could be a chest with a shop sign with empire shop on it so no new coding or anything. Just the same old rupee sink.
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  19. +1 because m hipster
  20. How do you expect the items to get into said chest?
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