Derelict vouchers NEEDED!!!

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  1. Hey guys,

    If you have a Derelict Protection voucher. I'm willing to pay VERY much for it!

    If you have any for sale PM me! and we will talk about a good price :)

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  2. I don't think there are any out there .
  3. There are, just not many of them, hence their high price that pascal is offering if anyone is willing to sell one. :)
  4. They should bring them back in the store.
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  7. They are in the store

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  8. Why are they so expensive?
  9. You can never become derelict. You could stay off EMC for months or even years, and never have to worry about losing your stuff.
  10. corporate greed
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  11. Lol I hope you don't actually believe that.
  12. When you claim a residence on EMC, you claim it understanding that if certain conditions are not met you risk losing the residences. That's one of the main reasons they dont charge for your first one because the turnover of residences is sufficient enough to negate it.

    Now, when you buy this voucher EMC is essentially saying, as Lockdown32 said, that you can disappear for years and not worry for one second about losing your residences. You're basically removing risk by permanently eliminating the property from the turnover pool (unless you were to be permabanned for some reason). Economically, this option typically is not available on a general basis and, when it is, buying access to it is generally extremely expensive.

    Why? Economy is about risk and rewards. You gamble in the hopes things land favorably. If you don't have to gamble to get a reward then you either got insanely lucky, got a major inheritance or you bought your way out of the general gambling pool.

    *sidetrack* It's also why I find the fact that many states ban gambling to be so amusing. They say you can't gamble yet they encourage businesses to do it all the time via investments into the local and state economies.
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  13. It is kind of funny - according to the exchange rate, they're worth 975,000 rupees

    I was willing to give 1.5 mil or 2 mil or so for each, yet according to individuals 'in game' ...that's not that much rupees

    Either the exchange rate needs increased, or people are too greedy.
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  14. It is not about economy, it is about server resources. If they were cheap or able to be bought directly with in-game money, many more rings would have to be added to town, meaning the server uses more resources storage wise and computational wise.
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  15. Permanent Derelict Prot voucher = $100
    Diamond voucher($20)x5=$100
    400k x 5= 2 000 000r

    this would be the logical price according to me, possibly a little more for its Over Powered-ness
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  16. The server itself is part of the economy and has the biggest influence on it. If server resources were to be increased, it would cost more to gain access to stuff like vouchers because those vouchers have to counterbalance the resources expended to fund it.
  17. Edited my post. It originally said "use you can never become derelict. You could stay off EMC for months or even years, and never have to worry about losing your stuff." =P
  18. Actually, you could be off of EMC forever..
  19. Ok imagine this scenario. Imagine if it was cheap so anyone could buy. Then Imagine if every single person had it. There would be no free residences. PLUS, consider the people who could get multiple residences. So yeah... There's simply no room for THAT much people at once on EMC.