Derelict Residences & Forceclaiming

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  1. Okay. So it has come to my attention that a number of people are upset with the fact that I force-claimed residences yesterday on SMP6, a few telling me that I should have claimed open residences instead. Sure, I feel a bit bad that that person will come back to no residence, but I shouldn't have to apologize to anyone about me force-claiming residences. If it was a bad thing to do, it would not be an option on the server. People should know that by allowing your residence to go derelict and not having a permanent residence voucher, you run the risk of your residence being claimed by someone. If I allowed my residence to go derelict and it got force-claimed by someone, sure, I would be unhappy to lose it, but I also understand that is the risk.

    So please, calm down, and just move on. There's no point in griping about force-claiming when it's a part of the server.
  2. I've forceclaimed many reses, luckily no ones given me grief. The option is there for a reason, it gives people a little extra time to get back if no one is interested in their res.

    It actually helps everyone in the area as well, if forceclaiming wasn't an option, you'd have to be logged on at the exact time the res expired or it will go to another noob. I'd rather have a master planned set of reses around me then the constant cycle of cobble/dirt huts. I have this problem with a 3rd res I'm waiting on, I missed it once and now theres another dirt hut, so I'm waiting it out another week since it doesn't go into forceclaim mode.
  3. As long as you're not tearing down some really beautiful build for the heck of it, force claim all you want. Although you should only force claim if there is something more appealing to you about that residence than open residences.
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  4. Of course. I was initially looking at open residences, but I ended up force-claiming a set of four yesterday for both location and the fact they were in a square, so I can now build a massive build (with road edits). I wanted to keep my residences together and not all over the place in town.
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  5. Well, that's fine. I ended up forceclaiming 1234 awhile ago, and thankfully, I've had no grief. :)
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  6. When I was a diamond supporter I claimed the 3 residences to my east. 2 of them were derelict and force claimed by myself. There's nothing wrong with choosing a derelict residence and force claiming it than claiming an open residence.
  7. This is the exact purpose of the command. You did nothing wrong. Anyone giving you grief you can /report them and staff will warn them to stop.

    Also recommend using /ignore if they still are doing it.
  8. There is nothing wrong with force claiming especially if you want reses in a specified area
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  9. Thanks everyone. I just wanted to know if there was like some taboo with force-claiming a res despite the option being there, considering the number of people who were like 'why did you do that?'
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  10. when i moved from smp6 2 smp4 i forceclaimed 3 resses b/c i really wanted a quadrant. one was cool build (i felt kinda bad), one forrest and one empty. now all 4 are being used.

    ppl shouldnt be mad at u, they should be mad at ppl who never came back or came 2 vote
  11. Question on this, in order to actually get a property that you have done /forceclaim on, do you need an available supporter res slot? I would guess so but just checking...
  12. You mean to keep the structure that's on the residence?

    That is not an option at all. Forceclaiming always gets you the residence but not the structure(s) on it. So the residence gets reset to default (filled with dirt and then a grass layer on top) and that's it.
  13. Yes. If you wanted a 2nd res, you'd need gold or a 3rd/4th res you'd need diamond.
  14. I was actually wondering if I could claim a 5th and have one of my others deleted and the structure moved to the new one (want them side-by-side).

    Of course I'd upgrade to diamond again, and in the end still have only my 4 allowed.
  15. I've been force claiming before the command was added and had no grief. Shouldn't see why people get upset. The player isn't coming back. At least it's an active player taking over the residence, rather than someone who just builds a dirt tower.
  16. I lost all 4 of my alt's res's due to this, but I forgot to log it in once in awhile so oh well :/
    At least they were empty except for trees.