Derelict res, player last seen 89 days

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  1. This res has been derelict for awhile I would like to claim it for it's location. Is there a reason I am unable? Or can someone set it right so I can have it?
  2. You can do /res forceclaim, I believe.
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  3. Ill give that a try.
  4. Forceclaiming will cost you 5,000r but that will indeed make the residence yours.

    To answer your question: its because of the ingenious way the whole derelict system works. Eventually this residence will be cleared out and marked available, then everyone can freely claim it again. But the system which does this takes the players history into account. As you can see this player is 524days old, which means that the derelict system will give him a much lower "cleanup priority" than a possible neighbor who has only been on for, say, 14 days or so.

    So if you want it you should definitely /forceclaim it. The other reason for doing so is because you can't be sure that you'll be able to claim this residence once it has been cleared out. The moment it has been cleared then it also becomes (randomly) available for any new player on the server. So you really want to stay ahead of that one.
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