Derelict? locked chests

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  1. Hey, I wanted to share an idea. I've come across chests that are locked in the wilderness that belong to players that are no longer active on this server. In the same way you can claim a derelict res for a certain amount of rupees, why not buy a 'lock pick' only for banned or inactive player's chests..
  2. Agreed, +1, but one question: How long would a player have to be inactive for this to become effective? Say…100 days?
  3. My guess would be 30
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  4. Well, there are some locked chests I have seen from players that have not been active for over a year..90 days seems pretty fair... if it costs a few hundred rupees to crack one it would be fun.. like antiques roadshow
  5. I am not a fan and I am seeing some problems. Unless a chest is placed without permission (like if someone randomly went to a wild outpost and locked a chest there) or if at a public iron or gold farm the owner says locked chests will be removed if the player is not on for a certain amount of time, the chest is protected. It is a players items that they have rights to. Unlike town residences, there will always be space in the wild.
  6. I vote for 30 days. +1
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  7. I was thinking more for the players that were on more than a year ago.. that's a pretty good sign they won't be back on.
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  8. I say no way. The point of derelict residence's is so new players have a place to live. The wilderness is infinite and therefore there's no reason to have someone's stuff taken away.
  9. It is not infinite and I am a bit annoyed of seeing random locked chests of people who are 1500000 days gone.
  10. My response is here: Derelict? locked chests

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  11. I side with Haro on this one. How would you feel if you took a long break from Emc and you came back to see that your residence AND your locked chests are gone? Even if the person got banned, it'd be 'unfair' for other payers because it's almost raiding peoples' property (which is against the rules). I think they chests should just get automatically emptied if the get banned, if that's not already a thing.
  12. +1 support

    If you returned to EMC after a while, how in the world would you remember where your locked chests are anyways?
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  13. I should probably say why I agree too. Say someone who wasn't on for over a year came back on, do you think they would remember where they had locked a chest? We don't need locked chests that have not been attended to in over a year to be stuck in the wild where all they do is take up whatever world data it takes up. :p In terms of stuff in those chests...I think that the chests should just be deleted rather than stolen by a player who would say "buy" the chest for a set amount of rupees.
  14. They should use the vault to store all their important stuff.
  15. Staff or only senior staff unlocked chest if they are in way of a structure. If players are specifically looking for them and wanting the loot from it we won't unlock for you for obviuos reasons.
  16. There are a few in the wild I've come across that would be in the way of building, how do you flag them?
  17. By contacting one or all senior staff about the chest and reason wanting removing it. Do these steps and wait patiently for a responds.
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  18. Commenting on what firstjugburgerz, at the rate new people are joining, the odds of their residence still being there are very low. Thus when they do (or if they do) in fact decide to come back, their residence will be gone because it had been cleared to make room for new people, and then they will most likely quit. This leaves all of their locked chests abandoned in the wild and in the way.

    just a common scenario.