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  1. Hey, I wanted to share an idea. I've come across chests that are locked in the wilderness that belong to players that are no longer active on this server. In the same way you can claim a derelict res for a certain amount of rupees, why not buy a 'lock pick' only for banned or inactive player's chests..
  2. Actually.. that's not a bad idea..

    Is there any reason that builds and chests are permanent in the wild?
    If a player is banned, or not been on in over 365 days, should their locked chest still remain for years to come?

    I like this idea. Though there doesn't need to be any cost attached. If the player has been gone 30 days, the 'lock' on the chest is not active. (Unless they return during that time, which restarts the counter on the 'lock'). If the lock is 'derelict', that is, the owner isn't on for over 30 days. Anyone can open the chest, destroy the chest, whatever.

    This will get rid of locked chests in places you don't want them. If you wanted to build in that area, but the chest was in your way, it can be removed.
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  3. Suggestion, you might want to move this to the Suggestion thread. BTW, I think this is a good idea! I have been wondering what happens to banned players locked chests.
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  4. Most of the time senior staff will be able to destroy banned locks, idk about inactive players.
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  5. I pretty sure I've got at least one out there. I lost a pic that had the coordinates to an underwater mine.
  6. Love this idea, though I would think 90 days would be a fair number before they become derelict in the wilds. If a player is banned they still need time to appeal and 90 days is more the sufficient in my opinion. Of course there can be circumstances that would make a player inactive longer then 90 days but they should contact staff to make arrangements if necessary. (Think active military or serious illness/injury)
  7. Locked chests are not saved by the server, so we would have to save them in a similar way to residences. I don't think it would be worth this extra work. BUT if there is a locked chest in the wild of someone who hasn't been on in a REALLY long time - senior staff will sometimes remove it for you. I believe around 6 months is considered sufficient time. You will not get the contents of the chest though
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  8. There are some Locked Chests people have left behind that I've had to work around, but I take comfort knowing that if I ever took an extended leave from EMC and came back I'd have some loot tucked away somewhere. For now, I'd rather have Staff make case by case decisions than have a blanket policy that automatically wipes or unlocks them.
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  9. Ideally, it would be best to enforce that they're only removed after a 6 month wait AND if they're completely in the way of a build for example.
  10. For me its not about the contents of the chest its about the possibility of building in the wilds and running into a locked chest who's owner has been last seen 100s of days ago and its right in the middle of my build. Just getting senior staff to remove it would be great - was just thinking of a reasonable time limit before we should ask for a chest removal. 6 months is a generous amount of time for someone to return, if a player hasn't logged in in that time it should be acceptable to ask for a removal. I agree we should not get the contents of the chest - this will prevent "treasure hunters" and untold amounts of problems in the name of finding free loot
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  11. If you think that a banned player's chest should be removed. Step 1 - Ask a Sr.Staff what they think about it. Step 2 - You will get a answer hopefully :D