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  1. Wouldn't it be cool to have a vault portal? Like in the wilderness or frontier. I frequently find myself on smp9 in the frontier because I have an outpost there. It is not enjoyable to cart things back and forth from server to server already, but going back and forth from spawn only adds to the work. I was thinking some sort of block or something that would enable players to either build/buy in their base/outpost. Please reply, and thanks!
  2. Dragon Tombs (Coming Soon™) will let you 'buy' a certain area of land. However, not sure how the teleportation would work.

    Ideas like this have been suggested and denied as it would allow people to easily get items back which defeats the point of the survival aspect.
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  3. True, I was thinking these would cost A LOT to buy. Like 100 thousand or something :p
    A LOTTT (Bump btw)
  4. Tokens hopefully, one-hundred thousand tokens.
  5. 100k isn't really a lot. I'm thinking DT land claiming should cost 1mil plus with a one per 24 hour teleport to town per player.
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  6. Tokens i got to many of them
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