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  1. Hey EMC,

    Here is a Small Suggestion....

    You know when you go to the Forums and you see the area where it says Posts and Views? Well, what if there was a way to have 3 options;

    Option #1
    When you create the thread, no one can see who viewed the thread as it is now....

    Option #2
    When you create the Thread, only the owner of the thread can click and see who viewed the thread....

    Option #3
    When you create the Thread, everyone can see who viewed the thread....

    When you click on the views to see who saw your thread, it would have a overlay menu or a page, where it would give a list of all the people, as it does for the likes menu.

    For those that are not logged in the site, it would just say anonymous, and players logged in, would show their name.

    Feel Free to Share your Thoughts.

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  2. ***Reserved for Future Reference***
  3. I only see one problem with this suggestion:
  4. Some people want to be private lurkers on the forums and I see no true benefit to this other than to upset the thread creator when someone viewed the thread, but didn't want to post.

    Also, idk if i't even possible with the current XenForo.
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  5. There could be an option to disable the ability to be seen on the list of players, and just show up as "Anonymous"
  6. I'd personally prefer to not see who has viewed my threads and I wouldn't want others to see if I have viewed theirs either really... Just my opinion, not a bad idea by any means but not one that is particularly beneficial :) (to me at least :p)
  7. sorry not something we would ever spend time to add and the privacy concerns is too much anyways.

    It would have to be default off that no one can see what you viewed until you opt in.... and then, who's going to do that? Making the system unused and not worth the effort / resources.
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