[DENIED] Las Islas Cerúleas

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  1. I would like to claim an outpost on behalf of me, MastercrafterK, and ApotheCarrie. Locked chests in my name and in the three of our names lie at the center of an archipelago of small islands on smp4. We are claiming it for the forces of good, evil, order, chaos, or something and naming it Las Islas Cerúleas. (The Cerulean Islands. None of us speak Spanish to my knowledge, but all islands should be Las Isla something amirite?)
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  2. Which spawn is it? We apparently thought we were being more careful than we were.
  3. Check the livemap. Here is the link for the Frontier livemap of SMP4. Find your base and check around for the nearest outposts.

    Thing is: you really don't want anyone to mention any outposts here. Because that could possibly alert potential griefers that there is someone's pleasure to ruin withing 2k of "location".

    Sad but true :/

    Hope this can still help you.
  4. We took care to be beyond 2k of the spawn structure, but we're well within 2k of the protected area. Oh well, I wouldn't give up some of the features we have for official status. Thanks Dramanya, ShelLuser, and those that left me likes. :)
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