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Remove it?

Tis fine 6 vote(s) 37.5%
  1. This has been bothering me for a long time thought possibly it could be fixed :D
    Cant all players fly in utopia Answer YES! :D so could these 2 sentences be removed?
  2. I think it should be removed also, it can get confusing a bit +1
  3. I should know this based on how long I've been playing on here but I know you can only *claim* a res on Utopia if you're a supporter, but if you get a supportship and then claim a res... then later cancel.. can you still use the res just like before?
  4. Yes you keep the res if you loose supporter
  5. To be honest, I would have a mega farm on utopia now if it wasn't for the missleading infos about supporter pearks. I learned you could keep utopia reses even after membership when I had all res claimed already and that's sad.

    +1 defenitly

    *boosted custom mob drop, neat.
  6. So by my understanding a little bit of revision to the supporter pages are needed because of the misleading text? maybe even if it was like fine print it would be a lot more clear?
  7. It seems to me that it is not listing the supporter perks, but rather describing Utopia itself and what people can do there. If they removed the first line about access to frontier/waste (which is obviously a supporter perk) from there and changed the name of the star bullet from "Supporter Server Utopia Access" to "Claim Land on Utopia" then everything would be right.
    Boosted mob spawn rate*
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  8. I don't know but it seems to me that the little wordage after Able to fly in town. Would suffice enough to be recognized as a perk. You can't build with ease if your just a visitor..........
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  9. I think it could also be corrected by removing non-supporter ability to fly in utopia town.
  10. I believe one of the head honchos said they probably won't change it.
    It is kind of like advertising a car like so:
    This red kia soul goes twice as fast as the newest Lamborghini!
    Assuming the red kia soul is going 30 mph whilst the Lamborghini is going 15 mph

    He is telling the truth, but not the whole truth.
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  11. That's hardly correcting anything. What about people who are currently not supporters and have a res on utopia?
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  12. Supporters are the only ones able to fly and build at the same time on utopia
  13. What about them?
  14. +1 Why not. It makes the page clearer
  15. Incorrect.
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  16. The statement is true and false.

    While everyone can fly in Utopia town only those who have residence or residence perms for build can do both at the same time. Whether they are current or former supporters.
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  17. A+, that I have not noticed before but know tat I see it I think it should be removed
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  18. More importantly we need a warning that states: Prolonged use of flying in Utopia will lead to many moments of 'oh crap I can't fly here' while on other smps.