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  1. Hi first off I’m doing this on my phone do bare with me

    I think that the devs should implement a new command called /drop this command will be used to drop whatever is in your hand. The main reason though would be for dropping soulbound items please tell me what you think
  2. why would u want to drop soulbounds?
  3. Sometimes I want to give my friend like voucher and I need to go cut a tree for a chest or go to town to mail it I figured this would be a lot easier
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  4. Sorry but I just don't see this that useful to me, I know what you mean but I can just do /trade if I wanna give someone something soulbound.
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  5. I would rather have /trash to get rid of unwanted items in your inventory
  6. There already is such a command, huh?
  7. That's been implemented, right? I even thought /trash was the command.

    I would like /drop, though. For me it'd be useful when on OrangeDuck607, and I want to drop Soulbound items on 607.
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  8. Oh, I did not know xD I'll have to try now. But yeah easiest way to drop soulbound items is /trade
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  9. The best part about /trade is that it will fully work when you're in town (with that I mean that it doesn't matter where everyone is, you can always /trade no matter what) and when in the wild you only need to be within approx. 30 blocks distance from each other (same as the /gtp command).

    One of the reasons I'd suggest to stick with /trade is because this way you'll never risk someone else accidentally picking up your items.


    I always use /dispose, but I think you're right; I also recall something about adding more aliases such as /trash. I'm simply got too used to /dispose so I just kept using that ;)
  10. /dispose or /trade is already being used for something like this so -2
  11. wouldnt this like defeat the purpose of being soulbound?
  12. trade is the way to give another player a soulbound item safely. we dont want to encourage unsafe practices when a better way already exists, so denied.
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