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  1. I found a chat system that is far better than Mumble or Teamspeak it is called Raidcall
    It is FREE and very flexible with tons of options.
    Easy to use and no need to rent or set up servers.
    I highly advise that the EMPIRE staff take a SERIOUS look at this communication system that is on the leading edge of game player communication systems. It is all and more than any player could want in a communications and share system all in one package.
    After you check it out post a reply about what you think and if Empire should replace Mumble and implement this system for us.
  2. but we have a working communications system.... why would we go through the trouble of setting up a new system that probably has exploits and bugs since it is so new then getting our mods opp'ed on that system then invite the players on when we have a working system with no bugs?

    tl;dr explain why we need a new system
  3. Mumble is just fine and it is easy to use. No need for another hassle of emc's part to create another.

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  4. We don't need a new system, I've probably used Mumble for almost two years with no worries... Mumble does EMC justice, I see no reason to change the system as of yet :)
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  5. This system would fragment our community as it is not cross platform, and offers nothing beneficial that would be worth switching for.

    Sorry but we will not be considering it at all.

    Not to mention the service appears to have serious issues: https://www.facebook.com/raidcall?_rdr=p
  6. I see a lot of comments from those who obviously did not even check out everything this system has to offer.
    I notice that when any new or different things are offered in the game community they always get the crowd that doesn't want any change to want they have now even if it is much better. I think they are all ol fuddy duddies and close minded but who am I to say.
    Well I downloaded the RaidCall program and found a few Minecraft Empires already made but the one that someone made back in 2013 is not accessable. SO, if Empire does not want to make a group then I might make one for myself anyway because for now ownships are not transferable and that is a draw back.
  7. From a absolute die hard fan of RaidCall, it doesn't fit EMC. It doesn't make sense to have everyone sign up. RaidCall is more of a MMO communication system, when you need zero latency and HD audio. Mumble is more of a lax, easy to get into and the lower quality doesn't matter.
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  8. Why would we need this when mumble works perfectly fine? :confused: Yes it may be better but why would everyone waste time making a new account for this when they might already have their mumble account?
  9. I looked at Mumble and was NOT impressed, very limited and you need a server software download to make it work.
    RaidCall does not only voice but file downloads, shares and other features I did not look fully check outt and it is free.
    I do not see a big down side with this system except I believe RaidCall would work better if they made the group ownerships transferrable.
    And who said Empire Minecraft is not an MMO, it certainly looks like one to me.
  10. I believe he meant MMORPG which emc is not.
  11. RaidCall is much more suited for things such as guilds, rather than full communities. It's like comparing Skype to Mumble - they're 2 different things for different purposes. There's benefits and drawbacks to both, but they were never meant to do the same thing.

    For what EMC uses it for, Mumble doesn't need file downloads, or things like that. It's there just for chatting - and it does that perfectly. :)
  12. You denied it but you forgot to close the thread >.>
  13. Aikar actually denied it, quite a bit ago. Kind of surprised it's still open.
  14. if you read most of the responses including my own they all tend to say the same thing, which was essentially sell me this product. so far im not seeing where a new system would have any better voice software that wouldnt require time and energy that could be better invested elsewhere. we only use mumble for voice, ftp is done better on other systems then raidcall so using that as an example isnt going to sell the product.

    so again. why should we use this instead of mumble other then the fact that its new
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  15. We can deny the addition and leave the thread open for those that wish to discuss it anyways.
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  16. EMC has 6 Dedicated Servers... Hosting the server software ourselves is easy, and also preferred as I am in control of ensuring it stays online.

    When you rely on 3rd parties, you are at their whim for it going down, and according to their facebook page, they are having A LOT of problems and data loss.

    A tool has a purpose. Mumble is for voice chatting. It does that well.

    EMC doesn't WANT file sharing capabilities, otherwise we then have to worry about malicious users trying to send viruses too. That's not something we want to moderate.

    And again, why would I switch us to something I can't even use myself? RaidCall does not support mine and many others Operating System.
  17. RaidCall is NOT new.
    I just though RaidCall offered a BETTER system for the game community, I'm NOT selling anything.
    The RaidCall system does not need a server to work, it is simple to use and no setup.
    The RaidCall system offers the ability to share graphics, streams and more than just a voice program. You don't have to use all the other stuff if you don't want too but it is nice to show off stuff to others if you want.
    I just thought it was a step up from old boring voice programs and wanted to offer its use in this game. I really don't understand all the opposition and down play of a something that could be a big improvement over what is being used now. That's all I can say.
  18. Just because we do not agree with your idea does not mean we are a bunch of "fuddy duddies."
    The admins and staff have put a lot of hard work and dedication into the current systems that are in use. There are plenty of suggestions that are approved. This is a suggestions thread, and not an every idea that you can come up with will be implemented.

    Also, people like the norm. It will take more effort to learn the new things rather than remain with the old.

    Finally, if you do not like Mumble, you DO NOT have to use it.
    That's just my two cents, anyhow.
  19. That is understandable and I do see this game staff as on top of things but I still find many players buck changes or new ideas before they even give it a try. I do appreciate your candor.
    I did make a group call Gamesters Online for anyone interested in participating in my group just to see where it goes. I play other games so the group may be inclusive of those games IDK yet.
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