Demon's Whole EMC Experience.

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  1. Hello EMC. It is almost my 1 year mark on this great server. Please take this time to read my wonderful experience of my time here on EMC so far :) (Which shall never end!)

    I had just bought minecraft over the spring winter break last year because my friend had told me it was a super awesome game and he played on this server called Empire Minecraft. I went on to it when he was at my house and he showed me the server. This server. I logged in and he helped me with the tutorial. (The old one of course). After that I got some fireworks and a lot of welcomes. It is a bit blurry but I remember how much I loved it. I went to my res that was right next to when Windylava was building the first SSRC HQ. I was surrounded by these awesome buildings and active neighbors. After I made my house out of the planks I had gotten my friend dared me to see how long I could survive in the wild. So I went and for some reason used up most of my rupees to by a chainmail chestplate. I put it on and did /wild. There was some group there and they said I could follow them. I went with them and they gave me this awesome pickaxe. I went in there for a while until I died. A few days later. After I had saved up enough money to buy a full set of iron armor and a wolf egg, I said in town chat "Does anyone know how to use a wolf egg?". Someone called Pieawsome replied saying he just bought one and that we could share our pets. So he went to my res and we named out pets. Mine was named "Fluffy". That started one of my best friends on EMC. I miss him a lot. (He quit a while ago because his laptop broke and when he got a new one he saw how far I was on emc so he quit before I could tell him I missed him. :() We had lots of great time together. Then Gooddumbdog joined and when I was building my first ever shop in a giant wood building. (I wonder if anyone remembers it) Goodumbdog came to see what we were doing because me and Pieawsome were talking in town chat. He disguised as a pink sheep and helped me and Pie build the shop. Windylava then helped me with it and donated to me and we became very good friends also. A while later when Pie, GooDumb, And I were helped Windy with his HQ Windy gave us all friendship fireworks that were Empire Minecraft Special fireworks. I still have mine. We all went on great adventures. I really do miss the old EMC of me and my best friends going mining together and having so much fun. A while later I started to build that Giant blue wool Megamall that most of you should know of. Pie quit around then but me and GDD and Windy kept on having fun. I met a lot of other nice people. But me and Gdd were best friends. We started to skype with each other and do everything together. To this day I still remember all the fun we had. I still do now with him and my other friends. After a while I had a major party and took down the building and got Diamond while GDD got gold. We did more things and I started to go to the nether and wild more often to buy things. After a while my wood shop almost got destroyed by a major fire that happened. It ripped the whole thing in half but some nice people came and helped me repair it. After a while I started to make lots of new friends and went onto the Forums. A magical place this is. Such nice people here. I was amazed with the Bob donation thing that happened. A while later me and 5chris100 went and made the big outpost today known as Le Edeen Dur. We had soooo many fun times there. I remember when bitemenow15 came and kept on jumping off things. Then I did more things and most of the stuff I have done has been a blur. I then met a friend IRL that I met because my mom and his mom worked together and we often played with each other. I showed him EMC but he got banned for spamming for some reason because he was really poor and a person told him if he spamms he would pay him. He did it so he could be able to get some money and of course, banhammer time. Me and MasterMockery started on a huge project together and we started a secret project we are working on 3660 still today. I went and explored with new people and I had lots of fun. Now today I go on the forums a lot and play with sooo many of you guys. Me and My friend gdd started to go fishing to get a DC of it and make lots of money. I have done fun things with other people and started the Hall Of Crafting with Gadget_Ad and Olaf_C. Now days I still play a lot and have so much fun.

    The next thing is a list of all my friends that I talk to and play with. Some might not be here anymore but yeah. If I do not mention your name, no hard feelings, this is just for some of the people I really play with a lot :)

    I will edit that when I think of a lot more. It is very late for me and im pretty tired so once I remember more I will put them *Yawn*
    There also might be more things in the giant wall of text that I missed. Please tell me and I will add it :)
    Thanks for everything, ~DemonThunder345
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  2. Well, somehow I made it onto that post... well, thanks! :D

    Anyways, this is post number 4,999 from mba2012.
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  3. Also this is kind of strange:
    I was on Smp2 and Southpark had said if I posted the thread on my 345th day because the last numbers of my name is 345. For some reason that just some weird coincidence...
  4. Going to give out 7k to a random player on my friend list tomorrow :)
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  5. *reads list with finger crossed*
    I Am Appreciated!
    *Does Happy Dance*
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  6. Sorry for double post, but I forgot to celebrate

    Let's Do The Hamster Dance.
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  7. Wait for me!
  8. What no love for me? :p anyways congrats on 1 year and here's to many more!
  9. Forgot the brick. Editing
  10. Wow man...means a lot for me to be recognized :D congrats and I love this story
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  11. *sniff* that was so touching. >.< Thank you for posting that :) Hope you'll stay around for another year, at least :D
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  12. Lol I remember I built you that waterfall then looked over and your house was burning down and I was panicking because I didn't know what do :p
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  13. Omg. I had that in my mind even before making this and I forgot to put it. Bad Demon!
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  14. Oh I feel so loved :p

    Congrats on almost a year
    It touches me to see that you still play here after loosing so many friends and watching your buildings be mostly burnt down
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  15. Well you showed me how to play TFM :p
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  16. we're online btw :p
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  17. How come I'm not on that list?
    lol happy EMC birthday or whatever!
    Especially near Christmas :)

  18. Bad Demon. Baaaaaaaad Demon.
    *throws bone of souls*
    Good boy :D
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  19. Thanks for posting that! It was a long, but great read! :)
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