Demon's Little Iron Stand: 1r Per Iron Ingot

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  1. Hey all. So This is not a part of my Other service.
    This is just a little thing I made. (Nyan Might help out if he wants)

    It is at 3600 Smp2. You will spawn in a super non laggy little hut that I made and there will be 2 chests
    that you can buy from. Really simple and has tons of Iron inside. It will be filled Daily so yeah.
    Enjoy :)
    Also soon, I will sell it in Iron blocks. Right now I sell in Stacks and 8 :)
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  2. Thank you Nick5013 for Spamming my chat ;)
  3. I remember when I joined, Iron Ingots were 10r a piece. Oh, how times have changed. :rolleyes:
  4. There goes the iron economy
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  5. What ever do you mean? The iron economy has clearly already 'went', if by 'went' we mean 'adjusted to shifts in relative supply per active user'.
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  6. Restocked. Come get it while it lasts. *Lots more will be added soon* Only 30 stacks in there right now*
  7. Can someone please bring back 20r iron and 16r redstone?
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  8. and 30r diamonds? :p
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  9. Naw. Also Im getting more Iron. You guys love it to much
  10. Yes! 25r Gold to.
  11. So ugh whoever owns the iron shop on smp4 (i think its chickeneer) May need to adjust there prices..
  12. Pretty sure advertising other competing business is strictly against the rules here... Why do people keep doing it.
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  13. Meh too much iron...
  14. Loads more Iron in stock! I got a DC and almost an SC waiting to bought! All 1 rupee each!
  15. All sold out. Boozle came in like a wrecking ball.
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  17. 4 Dcs and 18 Stacks of Iron In stock! Go buy now at 3600!
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  18. The diamond prices have doubled already. D:
  19. We need to talk demon.
  20. Why would it be against the rules. Competition is apart of business. Shouldn't matter at all
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