Demon and Kells Wood Supply Service

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  1. Hello empire, I have a service to start. Demon's Wood Supply Service!
    In this service I will cut wood for you. Simple right?
    Pickup will be at 3600 Smp2.
    Anyways, to the items/prices!

    SC of Logs: 3,500 rupees
    DC of Logs: 7,000 rupees
    SC of Planks: 850 rupees
    DC of Planks: 1,700 rupees

    I am not selling leaves or saplings yet. If this goes well then I will. Once I start getting more and if I can make a profit with this then I will sell that. But for now. It's like this :)

    Order form:

    Delivering and a Deadline will be 100r more for delivering and
    250r more for a deadline :)

    Thanks, :)

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  2. Dc of acacia when it comes out? :D
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  3. Haha sure :)
  4. Well if you are gonna go get wood THE day of 1.7 on EMC I will take a SC of dark oak the day of or the day after 1.7 for EMC. :)
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  5. I am not just doing 1.7 wood. I am doing all :)
  6. I know but now that there is dark oak and acacia wood I wanna use em.
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  7. Looking for any workers? I get rather bored these days. :) Would be glad to help out !
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  8. Sure I would love to have a worker! We can start once we get an order in :) (and my computer behaves)
  9. Hehe will do ! :) Just keep me posted.
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  10. Why not saplings?
  11. Could I be a worker?
  12. Because I need to use the saplings to grow the trees first. If I sell them when I start I will have no saplings left. So after like 1 or 2 orders I will sell. :)
    Maybe. I dont want to have to many because I need to get money my self also :)
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  13. I was working on getting birch a few hours ago. So if anyone has birch orders now is a good time to order. I wont be home for a few hours but kells might be able to help you a bit.
  14. Single chest of spruce logs
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  15. Order done and is awaiting payment and pickup at 3660 Smp2 :)
  16. Bumpity Bump !
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  17. We are selling za saplings now. hurray
  18. How much for double chest of saplangs (stupid broken reply)
    EDIT: A like... y u no answer my question!
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