Delta Team: Last advice and signature updates.

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  1. Delta Team
    Update Information.

    So, this goes to the Delta Team members.
    We will no longer accept any member that's not registered at the website (as soon as the final date to register ends *for already accepted members it's tomorrow+) we will no longer post any info at the EMC Forums (regarding only-guild threads), so please REGISTER here!
    Also, there will be lots of activities starting next week (this weeks were only to finish the last details of the Guild)

    Also, thanks to powerdan, we now have a tool to generate our signatures easier, so please grab yours!

    Please: jaari and toboy1 check your usernames, they return invalid from

  2. When i put it in i get a message saying:
    The message input is to long to be processed. Please shorten it.
    Any idea what's going on?
  3. Can I get signature too? :)
  4. Your "Don't dig down!" pic link may be taking up the extra space in signature. Most signature boxes are limited in character totals.
  5. I tried taking it out
  6. I have deleted my whole signature, will try it from scratch.

    Not working, Copher got any ideas?
  7. S
    Is that when you click the link or when you write it at the signature editor in here?
    [img][/img] it's how it should be written.
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  9. Ummmm, well then
    I tried copy pasting, wasnt sure if i should use the URL\

    Edit: Oh and the site hates me, doesnt recognize me as registered
  10. it's working now :) also, i can always change that img for any 'status' i want, that's why the link it's kinda weird :)
  11. Okay thanks ;)
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  13. Guys, please remember to check our website as most as you can, there will be important info going online soon :)
  14. Ok I'll favourite the site :D
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  15. I really like the tool ;)

    But why have you deleted my signature from the system? =D
  16. xD fixing.
  17. thanks copher