Delta team 2.0

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  1. i am starting a new book series called Delta team 2.0. It will be based off of the Halo game. I have all the names except one. I still need the name of the Elite's group's leader. If you think of one, post it in the commets below. If i choose your name that you came up with, i'll give you credit in the credits after i finish the series. :)
    REMBER!: An elite is an alien, so NO NORMAL NAMES please. (ex. Bob, tanner, scott.) I want a name that only an alien would have.
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  2. I think that's his name.

    Captain Drake.
    Didn't read full OP: Callibus Sovamee (drop -ee if he's not in the Covenant).
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  3. Did sombody say delta? ;)
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  4. Before I saw the page, the title had me thinking of something else.
  5. Same.
  6. Same thing.

    Blarg blarg honk blarg honk. (Bow chicka bow wow).
  7. When I saw the title I was like "Not again!?"
  8. How would you pronounce that?
  9. Which smp will you be making this book on?
  10. Jul M'dama was his name.
  11. I'm an Expert on Halo so have any questions feel free to ask.
  12. Um ...
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  13. this will be written/typed on smp5 :)
  14. I believe he wants us to come up with a name.
    However you want to.
  15. Oh no! There was Delta Team before, and making this may have confusion with others. I suggest a new name like the:
    nfellian's :)
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  16. This is about a series of Halo related books.
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  17. This was a name entry. It's actually one of the few comments that are honoring the OP's request.

    Oh, and: Altair.
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  18. well then. I think we found The name i was looking for! :D
  19. Make sure the main character constantly begs any superior figure to make his group the main representative body of the superior figure's group, before leaving in a rage, constantly coming back to rage some more, before facing a banhammer of some variety from the superior figure.