Deathtomb's Public Farms!

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  1. Hello once again everyone!

    So this is the thread that ill focus on updating all the information about my public farm systems I build to make every ones life on EMC just a little bit easier! I'll discribe in full here where and what my public farms do for everyone

    Stone Gen.
    - My Free to use stone gen is set up on Smp9 Res 18800. This stone gen is amazingly Fast and custom built by me. It can handle up to 3 people with eff5 picks if they group themselfs up right. At this farm i provide not only the stone gen by a nice haste 2 beacon buff to make it that much faster. Also and on can earn rupees at this location by turning around and selling me the stone/cobble a grand total of 30000r can be earned here if all the chest are empty!

    Wool Farms
    - My free to use wool farm is currently set up at Smp9 Res 18046 but ill be moving it shortly. If you have used my wool farm at all you'll know i also have sheep set up on other res for people to freely sheer also. between all of them 100 white, 100 black and 100 random of the 14 other colors found on the Res of 18046. I do sell donation shears at this location for 40r. They are not expected to be bought but it is nice.

    The main sheep farm well be moving along side the stone gen to allow for more work with less travel for people!

    Again this res is set up to buy a Double chest of Each color and ill be adding more for white and black
    a total of 40000r can be made when all chest are empty.

    - On my home res you all know of my free auto sugarcane farm. This is auto sugarcane farm that any one may use you simple take my teleport and buy the FREE sugar cane if there happens to be any. every minecraft morning this farm does a harvest it can build up fast. Many people know of it and i always see a ruh of people at MC morning o my rush to get a litte free sugar cane!

    - This is the gem of my farm sytem and one i dont advertise, untill now. However the location won be given away by me or any one. If you happen to find our little paradise you are more then welcome to use it , OR. You can donate mateials towards expanding this system of grinder for every one and the location would be given to you

    any way to the grinder itself. This is a Ender Man grinder that i have custom built and modified over time to provide amazing leveling experience. This system of Grinders are set up to provide maximum spawning and at all locations. On average you can get 30 levels every 2-4 mins if not faster.

    Rules are set up and the front of this area and you are expected to follow them if you wish to use them

    If you wold like to join this system of grinders make a notable donation at 18313 " follow the teleport for donations" and start a convo with me stating what you donated.

    Golden Delight
    -Currently under construction this Auto Farm res will open August 28th After my "Million + rupee drop party" Link here. Also a link here to the OP that started thisidea about my 1 yeah with EMC

    This res well offer a large assortment of free goods for every one at 1r per stack of items you buy. The 1r is only to track who may be abusing the farm and taking everything since FREE goods are no longer tracked by rupee history.

    These Farms well consist of Free Melon,sugarcan,pumkin,cactus,eggs and mushrooms if i can fit them in properly. I may also set up some cows for milk since some people just dont get that concept

    Again Any donations are welcome to help with this project and would certainly help it be constructed faster visit 18313 to donation

    If you have any questions of ideas for some other kind of auto farm i could set up for public use or would like me to see drop a line here or in a convo and im always open to help or offer insight if im not busy, just gotta catch me at the right time!

    Thanks again EMC -deathtomb
  2. OOOh I didnt know it was every Minecraft morning... *slams face to desk*
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  3. Congratulations on that amazing achievement! You know EMC frowns upon that, right?
  4. Could you tell us what server Deathtopia is on???
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  5. well, i am sorry. I was just kidding, it is just something people do when they are first to post on a thread.

    BTW: Thanks soo much Deathtomb for all the public farms
  6. a secret i have a few on diff serves set up for public use but like i said above either make a notable donation or find them, reason i say this is they do tend to get crowded as to why i need to expand them further
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  7. Here sir, have my like for providing so many great services to the community.
    I'll probably might use it someday in the future, so thanks in advance!
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  8. - thanks and i hope you do and can!

    Also on a side note my contest is up and up running link can be found in op at bottom or right here CONTEST!
  9. Thanks for all the public farms!
  10. Decided to throw a link to this thread in my sig as I wasn't using it for anything else :p
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  11. love it but you may want to make link to 1st post tehe
  12. Fixed :)
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  13. 18046 shall be moved by sunday to 18800 so beware of this people!
  14. Moved? Like just picked up and moved or taken down and rebuilt moved?
  15. what about the stone gen... D:
  16. I love the ideas, but I'm lost on this one thing.. In order for the stone gen to work wouldn't you have to give away build perms..?
  17. He has the it covering the whole res with furnaces covering the outside he paid a staff member to modify the road for him with pressure plates and redstone dust that way it's only on whee you stop on them, you have build but not move so you cannot dig far on the res, and you cannot break furnaces without container perms.
  18. Smart..
  19. the stone gen is on the res beside it no worries