1 Million Rupee Give Away! and 1 year on EMC!

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  1. Hello Everyone on Emc, the people i have gotten to know very well and people i have not.

    For my 1 Year anniversary on and with Empire Minecraft i will be doing a megadrop party when the day come's!

    Edit 1: Donation chest set up at 18006 for any one that would like to add to the million rupees give away, Let make this the best drop party ever!

    Alittle bit about myself emc related and personal.

    Emc Experiance Read Spoiler!
    I started on emc one week to the day i started on minecraft. I was brought to emc but a long time gamer friend Eramas_man20. After coming to love this new server I brought the rest of my gamer friends along side and we formed 3 cities during our time here. I was a noob when i started here and learned a great many things. I have and would like to consider myself a master builder, but as with anything there is always more to learn!

    Our 1st city Curthania was a wonderful place to live we had many people there some good some banned but we loved them all beisde the griefers. This is where iI first met Jcplugs, Iamkhatru, Bigdavie and ISMOOCH.

    Jcplugs was attempting to make her way to our city when she got lost in the wild and I had to come rescue her, after making to the city she went ahead to raid our skele farm of bones and build a lovely endstone home!

    Iamkhatru came to us with a few others who have since stopped playing but she stuck around she brought an amazing attitude to the wild city. Everyone came to love her can-do life style and her lovely sandstone builds.


    Along came my 1st encounter with bigdavie that loveable guy.

    A few time during our reign in curthania we had issue with griefers as any city did. Well i got perma banned twice! thats right aldies and gents twice by none other bigdavie himself "today i kinda feel honored by it lol as its a little bit of a on going joke between some of us".

    1st Perma bann
    It was lonely night on emc on our quite little server of smp9 when a dear friend of mine had quit MC due to real life issues. In doing so he asked me to take down his house. Well me being new to minecraft and emc i still loved lava at this point and as his house was wooden i took lava to it. Bamm perma banned! one everything was explained deathtomb8953 once again joined the ranks of emc.

    2nd Perma bann
    We had this amazing Pirate ship built out in curthania along side an amazing dock all built by earams_man20, well one day it burnt down and we didnt know if it was due to nature of griefer. So once again being new to MC and all i legit didnt know if water in wood could burn so i tested it for myself. Shortly after my test we contact bigdavie to come work his magic. about 2 mins later "bamm perma banned again lol" after it was explained to him i once again joined the ranks of emc. it was sad to report the ship did go down to nature

    Around the time holloween of last year some info was leaked about the soon to be emc update of dragontombs. some info leaked lead up to belive that our city of curthania would be allowed to be protected when the time came as it was to close to a save zone as ISMOOCH had pointed out to us. So we packed up shop griefed our own city to give it that ghost town affect and thus Zolara was born and a soon to be great friendship with ISMOOCH began that day.

    Next came Zolara the Pazzo Empire and many new friends. among them Dwight5273, Queendiva1, Pab1os and many more

    Wild City of Zolara
    We Founded Zolara in the center of a NPC village which was sadly in our area so the start of zolara had a dark start as i popped out of a nether portal during the night to find a village of sleeping village. Man woman and child alike i laid waste to their homes and burnt down their town. That of which now the center of Zolara I erected a fountain in memory of that night.

    Back to the city itself. We expanded fast and only let select people to join this time around we had everything a wild city could need on a massive scale in the 1st week. We started building like mad Skycastles " not finished " race tracks, massive pyramids and much much more.

    During this time ISMOOCH'c city of Pazzo was growing just as fast with 3 time as many people so we formed the great Pazzo Empire which to this day consist of 3 Wilds citys. The day we joined forces the great Nether Rail was constructed not knowing what we know now we built this very foolishly. We lay slab mid air of lava pools and dug through the nether rack at Y-48 at the time, Many od us died and lost much gear and supplies. But none the lest the rail connecting the 2 Great Citys was finished and trade and co-construction began!.

    I remeber the day Dwight and a few others joined us from LLO and ISMOOCH was happy as at the time we consisted of over 200 member and were the most active and largest wild communtiy within EMC, Dwight him self wasnt very social at the time and it took a bit to get to know him, it wasnt untill we seeked help from me and ISMOOCH about construction of an iron farm. and since that day me and dwight have constructed many farms on massive scales one of which is public and dubbed "Deathtpoia - but ill get to this later" to this day me and dwight share many builds and many fun times

    Queendiva being a fellow mayor of one of the pazzo empire cities we got to know each other very well. seeking help from one another when issues came upon hand and other funs time within the pazzo empire and many joint builds. As of late we have done had much fun in the end and town with other also

    I first met pab when i contacted him about building my city a few blaze farms, during and after the construction we have done a few things together and he has built a many great grinders for
    me and we have shared a great many ideas, as he is not mainly a 9er we dont get to do much together but none the less another dear friend of mine

    My adventure in SMP9 town! and the meeting of Origamijoe, Nickjwolfe, jrlizard, Heyaroo and many others
    Due to many things happening in the wild and the Citys i was diven to town to keep my self with EMC as many of my gamer friends had to leave due to Real life issues and many of which lived in the wild with me and at the time ISMOOCH became inactive again due to Real life stuff along with queen and many others

    I started a shop on smp9 of which many of you know along with many, many public things and ways for people to earm rupees and just have a fun ol' time, now i dont want to go on to much here about mystuff so ill do a short list as a few of them play a great role in some more great friends i came to met on EMC

    My Stuff
    18313 on smp9 if you know it you may love it so do not, i offer a great place that is well stock 90% by me which ill soon be seeking workers to help supply so i can further lower my prices. I also have a sellers hall where i buy supplies for many of my personal projects in town and the wild these goods do not get resold!

    I Mainly started my store in hope that dragontombs would be soon and i could save up to protect my citys when the time came hence why i am so rich " at least in emc terms" i do my best to keep rupees in the hands of the people also i spend all my time farming for my shop only to buy stuff i build with from other players its my way of saying thanks!

    My sheep farm- 18046 i offer 3 ress worth of sheep for people to sheer for free and sell the wool to me or keep

    My stone Gen- Based off a design by RandomZH on smp1 i recently constructed one of my own a larger scale and made it public for all to use at no fee what so ever. Again i have chest set up for People to turn around and sell me Stone or cobble.

    My maze events and the few friends I have made through them Origamijoe, Nickjwolfe, jrlizard, Heyaroo and many others

    Me and joe have constructed many things and ventureed out on many ideas a short list would be the 300k base on smp5, villager trading , Deathtpoia, Many other farms and ideas. Many shanigans in and out of EMC and just a lot of wilds builds. Joe has become a dear friends and we still do many thing together

    me and nick have ventured out in many joint efforts many of which being the mob arena we have made a great team in the past and together help each other win many times, hosted res digging contest on to have him reset and leave the res ........ but none the less he is a great guy even tho he is not as active these days it fun when hes a round even if we are laughing at him not with him

    BABY EATTER... that is all

    We dont know each other too well but have worked together on a few things together. i 1st met heyaroo throught dwight,jc,nick and a few tohers when i was dragged to a game of walls hosted by hayaroo.

    if i remember correctly it was me nick and jc on our team and we won to say the least as i surrounded our entire field in a giant lava wall. Every one was shocked when the walls went down.

    Heyaroo went on to make that epic video of some of my builds that you may or may not of seen. "dont click the link at the bottom of my post :p

    Our little city in the end, this consist of many people most of which just use the Endermen farms but we offer plot to build a home and have fun while farming out them levels! this was a joint project by me dwight5273 and Origamijoe. Fun times
  2. A Little Personal Info about me.

    A little insight on my family
    I come from a large family but small immediate family consisting of my mom,dad and brother. Outside of them i have lost track as my dad has5 sisters. my mother has 2 brothers 1 sister and my grandparents well i cant even count them ill put it the way. Needless to say its a very large family tree and to this day of the 25 years i have been on this earth i still meet new faily on a monthly basis most times

    I am married to a wonderful woman to this day and we have a wonderful baby boy together his name is Eli whos is a year and a half old. My wife surly is something else whe has stuck with me through so much and why she still here.... well its true love people!

    Some stuff a few people know in EMC
    the Reason im on so much!. Over the past 4 year i have had a major decline in health and the doctors just dont know what is wrong with me to this day. I've been through so much testing and diff meds none of which have helped a bit.

    I wont go in to details but as of yet it has not been life threatening even tho at time it has felt like it !

    But the pain i suffer 24/7 has left me unable to work and some days just end up being a blurr because i just zone out, i do have my good days and weeks but sadly then just dont out number the bad ones.

    Some of my past
    Growing up I wanted to be a police officer but due to my health concerns that wont happen anytime soon if at all. In days before my health concerns i was well on my way to reaching my dream i worked full as High Risk Security officer - this means yes i was a renta cop but i worked in some conditions even the police didnt like.

    I did have a military backing in cadets from age 12-19 the cut off age and joing in ranks of basic training which due to some stuff i was able to get out " training accident i was at the receiving end"

    I was placed in the worst place just due to my size, training and background. I was shot while on duty but thanks to my bullet proof vest only sufferd a broken rib. There were many time during this job i feared for my life due to a few roits in the areas I worked in " keep in mind during the one roit i was caught in there were 10 fellow officers with me" luckily we made it out just fine and ended up arresting quite a few people was some fun and scary times.

    I wont go to much more about this to say that at the top of my game i brought down by my own health i hope to someday walk tall again

    Some of my faults
    MY SPELLING SUCK'S BITE ME I DO MY BEST, lol *cough* smooch *cough*

    Now Too the Give away!

    I hope to have this on the exact day i Turn 1 but with it being a bit off hard to say the exact date for now but once it gets close ill know for sure and update the thread accordingly

    About 1 million rupees worth of stuff well be given away at my drop party on the day i turn 1 year old on EMC in a combo of rupees and Item's I'm doing my best to make this drop party like no other in terms on the size and making sure everyone well have a chance at some cool stuff!

    All im asking for you the people is to Leave a comment on how you know me if you do or dont and a question or 2 you may have for me funny or not and ill do my best to respond and answer to them !
    Enjoy People
  3. I don't think i know you...
    Happy 1 year!
    Have a nice day.
  4. I don't know you THAT well, but I guess I could still ask a question lol.

    When did you make your millionth rupee? :)

    I hope to attend but I may not because of vacation, if I miss it then happy 1 year from me :)
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  5. Cool story bro. How did you pick your name?
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  6. I know you about 50% from all the auctions of mine you have won, hopping to know you 100% :D

    How much mob arenas did you win and with witch armor?

    Happy 1 year anniversary :)
  7. I know you plenty well

    How did you get your million rupees?

    And Happy 1 year of emc to you :)
  8. W
    well this is a name i have use in gaming for a while now when i was younger i was kinda emo but not in the way i dressed and what not so it followed me into gaming and all the FPS i played my name was normal Deathsoilder or something to do with death. It wasnt untill the mid days of world of warcraft that my guildmates said they should open up a tomb for all the players that i killed on a daily basis so from there i started using deathtomb

    Lots of hard work and gathering of stuff to sell mainly
    i have won 27 mob arenas and i only every use god gear
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  9. Congrats on one year! Thought you'd been around far longer. By the way, the mossy cobble is lonely and needs picking up ;)
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  10. Congrats on your one year Death! I've seen you a few times around EMC, but, not that much. I'll be looking forward to the drop party! Any specific residence It'll be on?

    (If you need help making the drop party, dispensers and all, I'd be glad to help.) :)

    So, onto the question, how did you become so successful?
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  11. How well I know you? Not personally but I shop ant your mall a lot :p
    How long did it take to develop the Zolora Platform and the surrounding reses, start to finish?
    Oh and happy 1 year :)
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  12. it'll be on 18006 on smp9 and i already have everything made just not onpe to any one yet as im keeping the build secret untill the event

    to answer the question alot of hard work and i would like to say all the public stuffi have made has gotten the attention of the players and always being in stock helps!

    Well construction on the res started back on december and still not finished to this day and probly wont be for a long to come we have so much planned to build !
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  13. Your name is one of the many I can remember, from your other giveaways, mumble chat, and that lost woods maze you created :)

    A question... hm.
    What has prompted your decision to give things away?
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  14. Congratulations on 1 year, and hopefully, you will stay for another prosperous year. I've never really met you player wise, but I bought all my diamonds from your mall, which is quite the mall. Now to my question: How do you stock such a big and famous mall so well?
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  15. Happy one year EMC birthday!

    I don't know you, but I have admired your builds and all way's though of joining your wild camps. Just don't have the time you have to finish my current build's, to even think a bought trying to build something nice enough to fit your city's.

    I also am a bad speller, it probably bugs me more than any one that try's to read my gibberish. don't let that sassy smoocher get ya down.

    Whats your favorite block in MC?
    Do you eat your fortune cookie or toss it in the trash?
    If you had a 3d printer what would be the first thing you print?
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  16. I know you from your many auctions :p
    Were you surprised at how great EMC was shortly after you joined?:)
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  17. well in most game i play i do become rich just due to the sheer amount of effort and time i invest in them on wow i had a few guys maxxed out in gold which very few people have every done, With emc this was nto my intent to take over a market but to have fun, so in doing so and becoming so rich to better my wild citys i do have tons of rupees and materials so i figure what better way tyo have fun then give it away and watch people scramble in my events!

    well i have many many auto farms for a number of things and many account that i sit at them along with all the time i spend building and farming/mining materials, i also have my shop set up to buy materials even tho not much get sold to me this way i do buy in bulk from players and alot of auction to supply my store so time i take a dive some times i make a huge profit but in some way i always give it back to the players, thats what i find fun
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  18. Hey, you know how you know me. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with your party.
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  19. Congrats \o3o/! I had never heard of you until iSMOOCH invited me to Pazzo. Pab1os, Sonicol1 and I went on a tour of Zolara from Pazzo and we had a pretty good time. Pab10s was sorta showing us around and I remember at one point we were headed up a tower that had a one block wide staircase and a big area in the middle. I moved wrong and fell down and Pab had to get back down to get my stuff before it despawned. I don't remember us talking much until Mumble.

    Without giving the names, how many alts do you have? Curious as to whether JCPlugs and JackBiggin have competition lol.
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  20. happy 365th day

    i dont know you but ive seen you round the forums a lot ;)

    what is your fav game besides minecraft?
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