Golden Delight Drop Party!

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  1. Million Rupee Plus
    Drop Party!

    Last day to Redeem any books

    any left over shall given away to random peeps tmrw
    update aug 30th 2013 - All books must be claimed by sept 28th 2013, after this point in time consider them void and un-redeemable.

    Ok laides and gents i am now open to start redeeming books

    Who: You meet me.

    What: Bring the book to me and ill confirm its a winning and bamm you get more goodies

    Where: Any where within a Empire town

    When: Any time from here on out that we can meet

    Disclaimer: any one attempting to claim a fake book shall be reported for attempted scamming and ill be keeping the book as proof. YOU HAVE BE WARNED
    Update:8/22/13 - 1 Entire humble Bundle pack is being droped thats 15 game code on top of the the other one ill be dropping already in total that 16 games im giving away OMG tha madness!

    Tonight @ 9pm EST

    Who:Bring every one you know and then some!

    What: Another amazing Give away held by Me and my Friends at our custom made Drop Party Room, Designed so that items wont clump up and every one is bound to get something cool~! OH YEAH

    Where: Smp~9 At Res # 18006. From town spawn head east and look for a giant golden pyramid!
    When: Wednesday August 28th 2013, @ 9pm EST! "be there or be square!" CountDown Timer Here!
  2. that confused me for a minute, and will there be apples?
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  3. yes
  4. Hope to be there, thx for giving us a huge heads up about the party details

    Just found out I can't make it X( so everyone have a great time and I wish I could be their with you all.
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  5. Looking forward to it! Thanks Death!
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  6. ill be there :eek: hopefully ;)
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  7. So will this be in 44 days?
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  8. correct, set reminders you dont wanna miss this

    Update: i have also been collecting one of a kind items from staff and a few well known members! to drop!
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  9. 9PM is 10PM in the Netherlands, right? Why do fun and important things always happen at impossible times for me D:
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  10. I think its Be there or be square, not Be there of be square. :p

    I'll try to be there. :)
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  11. yes a typo.....
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  12. Thanks Death :rolleyes:
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  13. bumpage!
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  14. I won't make it.. :(
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  15. And that happens to be the day school starys. Yay.
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  16. Update: ill now be dropping a few steam games to a few lucky people also.

    they'll be drop as a book redeemable when brought back to me. you can either claim this book or auction it off if allowed.

    to claim the game you must 1st bring the book to me once confirmed its real, arrangments well be made to gift the game to the lucky winners!
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  17. *passes out*
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  18. Oh I won't be there is there any chance of you be able to move the time forward or backwards so its not in the middle of the night for me btw I'm in GMT time zone. I really want to come to this but I can't.
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