Death Event Suggestion

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  1. A simple suggestion.

    Why not have Death Events in the Wastelands every time before it resets? No mess to clean up due to the reset and they are extremely fun.
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  2. Hehehe... Death events are fun... People die on it...
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  3. This would be a great idea. They should place emphasis on griefing the terrain with TNT and killing people at the same time :p
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  4. I agree
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  5. Hey... I don't see why not! :p
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  6. Wow I like this idea actually...I could just let out all my potatoes on people.

    But in all seriousness this would be really fun to do and just go ham and destroy everything, including the spawn if we were allowed! :p

    +Major Sauce
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  7. Oooh, this could be so fun! I love those chaotic events where the admins just pick a random mountain somewhere and start raining death down upon us in the forum of Enraged mobs, minibosses, and weird creation like Super Zombies, Raspberry Jellies, and Machine Gun Marlix. :p
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  8. This thread deserves way more attention.

    +A lot
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  9. Maybe the day before, but the day of a reset we are generally busy making sure nothing is going to break (that badly).
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  10. This emoticon is totally relevant here: :rolleyes:
  11. +over nine thousand
    (+9001 with some clones)
    Idea : I love command blocks... Command blocks are fun.