Dear staff: How did you do that "drop floor" event? ;)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ShelLuser, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Hi gang!

    I had such a great time this weekend and when thinking back about the "drop floor" event (so: we were in a room and blocks disappeared out of the floor) I really couldn't help being mighty curious. I suppose I could try to PM a staff member / developer, but I'd rather not bother you guys with trivial stuff. And also, well.. I also think others could be curious about it too.

    Please note: I'm not asking for spoilers (as we'd get those ;)). But could you share a teeny bit about how you guys did this?

    For example: was this "something external" or something you guys build yourself, so a real custom game?

    Of course I totally understand if you guys can't answer because it would reveal spoilers, but I figured I could always ask :)

    And thanks in advance!
  2. I dont know in 1.9, but in 1.10 with structure blocks you can do it easily

    Probably they used world edit or something
  3. Quite simple-

    It's a world edit command. Do //replace (block) [PercentYouWantToKeep]%(block),[PercentYouWantGone]0/air

    For example, //replace ironblock 95%ironblock,5%air
  4. do u need 2 have the 3st paremeter in there 2? cant u just do like

    //replace waffles 5%noodles
  5. Finally, more noodles in Minecraft. My game is now complete, thanks! :D
  6. no prob any time. just remember,when ur current noodle provider isnt making the cut of ur noodle needs,hit up haro's signature ravioli asap
  7. It depends what kind of noodles. Are we talking noodles:1 or noodles:4? It's important. Also, if the waffles are toasted, they have to be waffles:2