Dear Beggers.....

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  1. Dear Beggers,
    I hate when people beg. The people who don't beg actually earn money ligitimently and (well most of the time) they don't spend it all. If you want to become "rich" all you have to do is save.
    Here are some easy free jobs that earn quick rupees.
    -One thing you can do is open a shop. That is how most of EMC gets its rupees. You don't need to buy from other shops and resell at a higher rate, all you have to do is start a small mine in the wild and you will be set for selling. You should probably sell stuff that is the most common thing people want, like wood,glass,cobble, stone bricks,etc..Thats what I did and now I have 72k, and I started off haveing 4k.
    -Another way of getting fast rupees is by selling wool. Both TruthInOre and LatinoSeb have sheep farms. You can shear the sheep how ever much you would like. They both will also buy back the wool. That is somewhere around 40-64 rupees every 3 minutes. All you need for this job is two iron ingots.
    -Another thing you can do is become a lumber jack. Wood is very high in demand. Most people want wood but don't want to manually cut down trees. So in their shops there are selling signs for wood. A famous wood buying station is 1783 on SMP-1. It buys and sells all types of wood.
    -One more thing you can do is become and enchanter. People will always want enchanted tools for them selves and will bid in auctions on this site. ALl you have to do is grab a sword and some food and kill mobs for xp. Once you are done, enchant a pick(preferably diamond) and auction it off on this site. One thing you don't want to do is enchant something with a level less than 45, people only want the top enchantments for there tools.
    -You can also make an animal farm. All you need is wheat and two animals of any kind and you are set. All you have to do is egg their babies and turn around and sell them to the public.
    -You can also vote for EMC on minestatus and get a free 50 rupees.
    Some tips on how to save rupees.
    *1. Set your self a safety net for your rupees. What this means is you will not go bellow a certain amount of rupees in your wallet. An example is: If I set me limit of not going below 72,000 rupees and I have 72,180, and I need some wood, I will only buy two stacks for 90 rupees each(1783's shop prices on SMP-1).It is basically like a safe deposit, only use those rupees in times of need.
    *2. Do not gamble or spend money on lotteries. 85% of the time you will most likely lose lotteries, and gambling is almost unpredictable, so why take you chances at winning a fair amount of money when you can use that money to buy materials for a shop so you can almost certainly earn rupees.
    *3.Compare shop prices. If you visit a shop you don't have to buy anything. Here is an example: Today Hash98 needed some fish for his restraunt, so he set forth to fetch some fish. After catching 18 fish the waters were dead, and he needed 20 fish, so he went back to town and aed"Who sells fish?" Two people said"I do at #####".He goes to the first one. The first shop sells fish for 17 rupees each(raw). He writes that down on a notepad. Then he goes to the other persons shop and sees that he sells fish for 15 rupees each(raw). So lets use common sense, he buys the second shops fish. Use common sense in this factor.
    *4.If you have less than 25,000 rupees, do not bid on something that is going for 10,000 rupees. Save that money. Wait til you get preferably 50,000 rupees before you start bidding.
    If you fallow these tips you will probably be "rich" in no time.
    Begging is against EMC rules. Therefor we shall not do it.

    Brought to you buy Flemmings Bar and Fine Dinning. We have franchsises at 1103 on SMP1 and at KEVINwelch2001's residence on SPM-1! Come see us anytime!
  2. By saying "bump", aren't you begging for someone to post?
  3. That is not begging, that is getting people attension.And please, only post something if you are a begger on this forum page.:D
  4. Please stop. Like I said, only post something if you need some tips on how to earn and save rupees.
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  5. ...except, raw fish are only 10r in the EMC shop.
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  6. I know, I was just making up prices, I didn't have time to go back to the town from my spawners to see what the exact prices where, sorry for the "enconvience".
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  7. and you spelled "beggars" wrong.
  8. and you spelled "inconvenience" wrong.
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  9. Dear beggars, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes! Love, the honest player.
  10. your spelled it wrong!:mad: It's beggArs!
  11. Thank you for pointing out that I am a bad speller. BAD SPELLERS UNTIE!
  12. Procrastinators, UNITE!

  13. "your spelled it wrong"?

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
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  14. first person to beg to me on this thread gets 32 diamonds free!
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  15. Hey, I was typing with a cast on that arm!
  16. Can I please please
    Please win I beg you!
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  17. May I pretty please with a cherry on top, topped off with chocolate swirls and all inside tthe worlds largest icecream cone? I need them for my work on my res!