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  1. Item: Double Chest Quartz Blocks
    Starting Bid: 120,000 R
    Minimum Bid Decrease: 2,500 R
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hrs after last Valid Bid.
    Expected Delivery Time: 48Hrs (OR) Can be picked up within the same time limit.
    Note: My location for Delivery is Utopia /v centrino81 2
  2. Please end this auction noone seems to be interested. think i'm better off buying it a little bit at a time. Is about all the rupees i have, and i don't want them tied up if noone's going to bid.
  3. suggestion: start it off at a smaller bid like 500r & make the bid increment 200r. That helped me get my quartz blocks auction up pretty high.
  4. psst... This is a reverse auction.
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  5. psssssst i think i need glasses *poofs*
  6. is reverse acution Qkazoochan lol
  8. ^
    You can't enforce that, this auction is allowed to be bid on for 7 days as is any auction.
  9. I don't believe there is any mention of not allowing an auction to end unless it passes 7 days. If it is not bid on within 7 days, then it is considered closed automatically, but that is not the same.

    His end time: 48 hours after last valid bid. Not only has there been no valid bid, but it has been 48 hours since the thread was posted. I believe he is within the rules to request this auction to be canceled, regardless of whether he can afford the reverse auction in the first place.
  10. "An auction that receives no valid bids within 7 days of starting is considered closed automatically"
    This implies an auction is valid to bid on before the 7 days
  11. It doesn't, actually. Especially how there's a rule that specifically mentions the request of ending an auction, while thenjoying one you picked doesn't.

    The rule you keep quoting has to do with how long an auction exists on its own before being considered as closed. Thathe has no implication of what happens upon request to be closed.
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  12. I still have the rupees, yet still noone has bid. Auction has been open 4 day's now, and noone has bid. Do i need to keep hold of the 120k, or do i need to seek quartz another way?
  13. I am on hold of continuing my res construction for seek of quartz. I would like to continue.
  14. Your best best is to either request an administrator to increase your starting bid as well as clear up the thread, or go mining yourself. Quartz is an expensive commodity, but not difficult to acquire. Just time killing, mostly.
  15. You can close it whenever you want if there aren't bids. Just report the OP.
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  16. Auction Closed
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