DC of Bombs [Auction]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by neonkillah, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. Well, there ya go.
    A single double chest of Tnt, refined to your preference of. Tnt.

    Item: DC of tnt
    Starter bid: 5,000r
    Minimum increment: 1,000r
    Auction end-time: 24 hours after the last bid thing.
    I'll tell you the pick-up when I want to tell you the pick-up :I (When you win, basically)

    Have fun, and remember, you've gotta BE THE MARBLE.
  2. Also, if you want a picture...
    Please don't be "that guy".
    Just take my freakin' word.
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  3. Ninjad Sam you can have it
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  4. Shiksh thousand rupees.
  5. *fwoosh* *salesman enters the thread*


    *fwoosh* *salesman follows the thread*
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  6. Is the TNT renamed?
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  7. Defluxer and I have agreed to split the DC. So his bid of 6k is still standing, and if we win we'll split it.
  8. 11,000 rupees.
  9. 12k. (flux, I'll pay the 2k)
  10. +1=
    My Bid: 14k
  11. 15,000r
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  12. 21k
  13. The TNT is not renamed, neon and I just decided on a silly name for the thread :p
  14. 22k
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  15. Morning bump. Urrggggggg
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