DC Nether Wart

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Would you prefer more than one DC of Nether wart at a time?

Yes 2 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Thread Title: [AUCTION] DC Nether Wart
    Item: ____Nether Wart_____
    Starting Bid: ___1000 Rupees______
    Minimum Bid Increment: ___100 rupees_____
    Auction Ending Time: ____24 hours after last valid bid_____

    Be the Brew Master and not have to leave your chemistry set for awhile with this DC of Nether Wart. Pick up is smp1 res 755.
  2. 1k Because why not
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  3. 1k rupees for a DC of Nether Wart. For that price you can use it for confetti at your next bumpin party.
  4. The bid is at 1000 rupees for a DC of Nether Wart, If you want some... Bid. If you dont, then dont worry about it.
  5. 2.2k
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  6. Fresh herbs. Organically grown. 2.2k is current bid, sweet deal.
  7. 3.1k
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  8. 3.1k is currtent bid for a dc of Nether Wart.
    I would like to say that,
    all proceeds from my auctions help me continue to donate freely to projects and those in need. While I dont advertise everything I give, I give from the heart.
  9. Auction is closed. The amazingly low price of 3100 rupees has purchased a DC of Nether Wart. Please come to res 755 on smp1 to collect your stash of fresh herbs, they will be in DC by the rear wall. An access sign is being set up now so please pay when you come to collect.
  10. Paid and picked up. Thank you.