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  1. Are you looking for a place to relax, maybe something to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Welcome to Dreams Are Waiting Near, or DAWN for short. Located on residence 16594 on SMP8, we're slowly building up a collection of books for sale, from the issues of The Inkstain (an ingame newspaper) to fictional short stories to guides that teach all sorts of useful skills! So come on and relax... it will only take a moment.

    Find us at /v 16594, /v +dawn, or /v +dreamnow on SMP8.

    Dreams are waiting near; why not find them?

    Disclaimer: While I attempt to sign all books with my Hashhog account, because of my rank as Senior Staff and thus inability to participate in the economy, TheApostrophe handles all purchase of materials and actual sales of books, subscriptions, and any other monetary transfers such that no regulations are broken/I don't interact with the economy in any way. However, I will continue to post updates on the thread with this account.

  2. That's right, The Inkstain is back, and it's better than ever! What's The Inkstain, you ask? The Inkstain is an ingame newspaper that includes everything from puzzles to tips and tricks to, well, news! You can purchase old issues individually or buy a subscription that will cause all future issues to be mailed to you for free. Interested? Read on, or dive in right now by visiting /v +inkstain on /smp8!

    Prices may occasionally shift, but usually remain pretty stable. There has been a price hike that came with the relaunch of The Inkstain, but prices are still reasonable when compared to book and quill costs. The rule of thumb is that older issues cost more while newer issues cost less.
    • Issues 1-4: 150r
    • Issues 5-8: 135r
    • Issues 9-12: 115r
    • Issues 13-16: 110r
    • Issue 17: 100r
    • Subscription: 1111r
    Subscribe to The Inkstain
    Buying a subscription means that you will receive all future issues for free automatically. More information about subscription cancellations, activation, and other rules are all located in the Subscription book, which you purchase in order to subscribe to The Inkstain and which is located in The Inkstain's store.

    Other Locations
    The Inkstain is sold at a few other locations, though due to new policy, these won't be listed for a few days. If you are currently selling The Inkstain at your shop or would like to sell it, please private message me and I will add you to a special conversation made for this topic.

  3. Though we currently have VERY few books, I'm aiming to turn this into a full-on bookstore. This means that not only I'm going to be writing a ton of books, but I'd love to see your contributions as well! If you think that you have a good book that would be great at the store, mail it to me with a book and quill explaining the situation, and I'll let you know if I think it will be a good fit! :) If you notice any of our shops as out of stock, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Current Stock and Prices
    We currently have the following books for sale:
    • The Latte - Horror/Comedy Fiction - 175r
    • Signature - Decorative Signature Book - 3000r
    • Between the Lines - Guide to Writing - 175r
    • Take 4 - History of 16500 Museum - 1000r (Can buy for 500r at res 16500)
    • You Are Chosen - Horror/Weirdness - 115r
    • Hashhog's Big Book of Applesauce - Mixed Nonfiction/Comedy Fiction - 250r
    Please note that I plan on giving out the Signature book FOR FREE quite often, so think carefully before making that expensive purchase. :)

    Take 4 can be purchased for half price at the 16500 Museum in the gift shop. (The gift shop is currently closed; will open with Take 4 and other wares tomorrow, May 11th.)

    Our Authors

    The following people have currently contributed material to DAWN:
    • Hashhog - Author of The Latte, Signature, Between the Lines, Take 4, and The Inkstain
    Okay, this list is sad. Show me your writings, people!
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  4. This store would not be possible without all of the donations we have received from various people along the way. Thanks to all of you for your contributions! Note that we do accept rupee donations as well as item donations, especially writing supplies such as feathers, ink sacs, and books.

    Donor List
    Thanks to all who have helped us and donated to our cause!
    • Olaf_C - 10,000r
    • SDOliveira - 5,000r
    • Boozle628 - 25,000r
    • flamingpotato42 - 5,000r
    • TigerstarMC - 10,000r
    • Qwerty189 - 20,000r
    • 607 - 50,000r
    • luckycordel - 10,000r
    • ArchDukeMelon - 63,608r
    • PenguinDJ - 25,000r
    Again, none of this would have been possible without you guys!
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  5. Fancy, I will pick up a book tomorrow ;)
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  6. Cool shop hash looking forward for more books :)
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  7. Looks great, Hash! I love the design. :) Glad to see you were able to open up your bookstore. :D
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  8. Awesome! Cool to see the Inkstain back in the empire. :D
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  9. If you want I could sell my book in your book store. PM me
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  10. Bump! :) Thanks to luckycordel for donating some leather! :D Have a book I'm working on. Not sure when it'll be finished, but with luck, it'll be soon! :)

    Will do. :)
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  11. Do u still need some book by other players in your store?
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  12. I always need books from other players in my store! :)
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  13. Haha, I wasn't expecting to see my own name in the donor list :p
    Are you still updating this store? I see the thread has got the red text.
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  14. Yeah, lol, I have four books in the making at the moment, the first of which is the next Inkstain and the other three which will follow shortly after.
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  15. The 16th issue of the Inkstain has been written, stocked, and sent out to subscribers. If you have subscribed to the Inkstain and did NOT get one or do NOT have one in your mail, please let me know so I can add you to the list.

    In addition, two new books have been added to the store. Between the Lines (titled "Writing Guide" so the title fits) is a short guide about writing. Take 4 tells the long and winding story of how the 16500 Museum came to be; thus, when the gift shop of said building opens tomorrow with items finally in stock, it will be purchasable for half the price at that location.
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  16. Update - July 28th, 2016

    New books
    • Inkstain 17 written, stocked, and sent out
      • If you subscribed and did not get it, please let me know; I'll send you one and add you to the list as soon as possible.
      • Long delay with this one, so I'm going to try to get Inkstain 18 out sooner than I even normally plan; it's already partly written and is a themed issue.
    • Hashhog's Big Book of Applesauce added to the section of books written by me. I don't even know what to say about this one other than that it has applesauce and a Rebecca Black parody.
    • You Are Chosen added to the section of books written by me. If you've ever wanted to summon and fight Caillou, this is the book for you. :rolleyes: It's the shortest and strangest available at DAWN.
    Minor changes
    • Added fancy "NEW item!" signs to chests that contain books just written.
    • Added plaques giving short descriptions of the books below each chest.
    • Updated all shop signs to the new-ish "#" shop sign format.
    • Restocked all issues of the Inkstain (1-16) and Subscriptions.
    • Minor price adjustments made.
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  17. How did I not see this until just now? *sigh* I am so oblivious sometimes.
    Btw, your Caillou book is out of stock.
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  18. I have inkstAins written by hashog3000 r those wat ur selling or new ones
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  19. Wow, can't believe I just heard of this. I'd like to subscribe to the Inkstain, how do I go about it? Something about purchasing a particular book? I like your cause as well, I may be able to assist you with writing materials.
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  20. ^^^^^

    I'm with those guys up there :eek:

    I cannot believe that I totally missed this so far :( Also because I do sporadically visit your Inkstain office (reminds me to do that in a moment, on SMP2 they're selling pretty quick) :)

    I'll be waiting for Aya to come online and then we're going to raid your book store :D We both love reading so....

    This looks AMAZING Hash, I can't wait to take some time to look around!

    That is the same thing. Hashhog's previous name was hashhog3000, but names on books do not change like shop signs do.
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