Dark on utopia?

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  1. /utopia
    /waste w

    mobs spawning outside. seems to be dusk all the time instead of daylight. 2015-03-06_11.04.42.png

    It just turned daylight after standing here a while. This may of been a bug with the reset and it's good from now on, I just figured I'd report for you.
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  2. Isn't Utopia suppose to be always day time? It was an earlier update back in Justin's time.
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  3. That is correct. Utopia always doing a Daytime cycle. Morning till dusk.. etc etc
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  4. This is correct, night never falls in Utopia :)

    EDIT: Dwight wins :p

    Of Course I win :p

    EDIT: ^ Dwight is evil :p
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  5. Thats why I put in this report :) Wasn't living up to the brochure.
  6. Whoops #misread
  7. Mobs could just be spawning under the waste spawn building or in a cave, not necessarily a bug, unless it is and I'm horribly wrong. :)
  8. Looks clear now. Was just dark when I first got there for a few minutes and there was a full outdoor spawn, zombies, skels, creepers, in all directions as far as I could see. Sure it was just left over from reset. utopia waste doesn't get used much.