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  1. Welcome to Cory's Rupee Central!
    On this thread there will be a daily task you can complete for X amount of rupees, don't worry, the amount will always be above 1,000

    RUPEE COUNTER (Total Paid Out)



    Donations are always welcomed, this thread is completely non-Profit, but as you could imagine does drain a lot of rupees. I could sustain this thread by myself for a long time, but donations would help a lot once more and more people get interested in the daily rupees.

    Donations above 10,000 Receive a free Nccoryg head.

    If you wish to donate, pay the rupees to iRupees with the reason "Donation CRC"

    • No Alternate Accounts, if you attempt this you will be banned from this giveaway.
    • No attempting to claim rupees before the next day.
    • The person who has the highest "Claim Streak" at the end of October will receive a EmpireBrothers head (None currently in existence).
    • Those who claim daily for a week straight receive an extra 2,000 at the end of the week.
    CURRENT TASK (Expires 11/24/2015)

    500 Rupees- Reply with your favorite thing about Thanksgiving.
    500 Rupees- Reply with your favorite thing to do during the Winter.
    1,000 Rupees- Post a video suggestion on this thread.
    Bonus to this task (1,000 Rupees)- Subscribe to the Empire Brothers TV YouTube channel.

    -You can do these daily with different answers-
  2. I enjoy playing on EMC because I can "play my way"
    My favorite block is the Lapis Block
  3. I enjoy playing EMC because of the over all awesomeness of the server. This includes everything from the game mechanics to fellow players ^_^ I thoroughly enjoy logging each day.

    My favorite blocks are leaves, and my favorite item are flowers, I like giving out tulips ~_^
  4. But what if your alt tries? Do you get banned from your own giveaway?

  5. I like playing on EMC because it's such a nice community

    My favorite block would have to be Quartz because it looks so cool
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  6. I love to play on EMC because the "town" part is so safe, anti-grief, anti-swear, etc etc etc

    Fav block is sea lantern XD has such a graphic design with the rings moving
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  7. I enjoy emc because it had grief proof reses and it has fun events
    My favorite block is TNT
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  8. Claims paid out.
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  9. I enjoy playing EMC because its a community server.
    My favourite block in Minecraft is the beacon block
  10. I like EMC because everyone is so friendly and there is no fall damage.
    My favorite block is a diamond block because it has a cool texture.
  11. It's hard not to enjoy playing EMC when there are such great people to play with. Not having to worry about others messing up my res or stealing is a relief. It's a great escape from reality being able to create amazing things where the laws of physics don't apply.

    My favorite block is TNT :p
  12. Paid.
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  13. I enjoy that we can /ignore the nine-year-olds asking for donations in town chat :eek:

    My favorite block would have to be the melon block i've got a tower that reaches to height limit at my first : P
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  14. I like EMC because its what i feel MC should be like
    Favourite block is the Beacon Voters Block
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  15. I enjoy playing on EMC because I get to (sort of) meet and talk to awesome people!

    Favorite block- Stone Brick. So simple but so versatile.
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  16. I enjoy playing Empire Minecraft cause of the great community this has, you can literaly ask anyone and they are most likely to help you out with the problem you have. That is what really makes EMC Special.

    Favorite block : Definetly will have to go with any type of Wooden Logs, and Stone Bricks.
  17. Well since Cory is my new partner in crime I would state why I'm here on EMC. :p

    If you don't already know who I am or can't see the profile picture on the left hand side

    I am Foxy, previously know as clan23. I got my name from the game called Five Nights at Freddy's of a character who looks like a Red Fox pirate. I play on EMC for a couple of reasons. I been here since October 10, 2011.
    (Coming up in 8 days :eek:) I of course took a break in February of 2012, checked back August 2013 and rejoined back fully in April 27, 2015. What brought me back was the active community and the staff members being fully committed than any other staff members I've seen. EMC brings a whole twist to vanilla minecraft. With 10 servers with a town, mine, and freebuild (Frontier) Worlds you are always kept fresh.

    My favorite block will be nether brick. It's cheep, it's nice in Gothic architect and to me it's better than regular brick color wise.
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  18. I enjoy playing on emc because it is the most unique server I know, and the people are friendly.
    My favorite items in minecraft are dark oak doors :).
  19. Hmm ok here goes

    Emc a widespread community with awesome people staff/admin like EMC because all their custom items and Hashtags ( #Blameaikar ) celebration and nobody is alone. When you started the tutorial and finished it everyone greets you and helps you around. AND that's why i like EMC.

    Favourite block uh... would water count as a block cause that's mine
  20. I enjoy EMC because of the smp8 skwad :p

    My favorite block would be spruce wood as it looks good with many builds
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