Dabbling in Photography

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  1. Just a couple photos I took for class. I think they turned out very well :D
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    All these pictures were taken on a Nikon D3100 camera and were edited in Camera RAW.

    I hope you enjoy and I may be posting more in the future. :)
  2. Also, any feedback would be well appreciated :D
  3. Feedback: The pictures aren't loading for me. :/ Maybe its my computer or connection? Well, I am taking digital photo next school year, so hopefully I can take good ones. :)
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  4. Not sure why they wouldn't load, but I love digital photography and once you learn how to use the camera and the settings, it is really fun.
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  5. The pictures work for me and I think that some of them are really good! I've always liked Nikon, I use a D3200 at the minute. May think about upgrading some time so that I can get better video quality but we'll see! Nice to see some photography from others on the Empire too, keep up the content!
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  6. So at first I thought it said Dabbing, then was like wait no it's dabbling, then saw the picture of someone dabbing, then got confused :confused:

    Also, if that's you excellent choice of shoes :cool:
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  7. which person's shoes? I can see why you would get confused :p
  8. Thanks! I want to buy my own camera soon. The camera belongs to my school and I use it for class. These pictures were really fun to take.
  9. Remember that you can quote both posts in one ;) Fair enough, my old school had SLR cameras I believe so they weren't so great, but I've had my DSLR for almost a year now and it's been great! I take pictures (as seen on Fendy Photography) but also take a lot of videos for YouTube at car events :) The D3300 can record 60 frames at 1080p whereas my D3200 can record 50 frames at 720p, so the D3300 is better, but I'm not sure if it's worth spending that much on getting a new camera just yet when mine isn't even a year old yet either...
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  10. First person who's dabbing
  11. oh, ok. That is not me.
  12. Some new work I did for a composition project :D
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    My attempt at recreating a picture by Ansel Adams. It did not go so well because my town does not have good landscape and the clouds weren't poofy that day.
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  14. man the first ones were good but these were great keep it up!
  15. Thanks!
  16. It's nice, though!