Custom Item Checklist V1.0

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  1. Update 1.2
    Changed all versions of Valentines Cupid to be labled as (pig) to avoid confusion with the reindeer
    Added Unused Cupid (horse)
    Added Used Cupid (horse)
    Added Nutcracker
    Added Evergreen Sapling
    Added Elf Hat
    Added Santa Hat

    Item total is now 479
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  2. Update 1.2.1
    Fixed typo in Fiery Mushroom Stew
    Added Fiery Mushroom Stew (stacked)
    Added Fiery Rabbit Stew (stacked)
    Added Fiery Beetroot Soup (stacked)
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  3. Update 1.2.2
    Added Remote Shop Sign (stacked over 16)
    Added Path of the rock

    Item total is now 484
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  4. May i ask, what is Path of the rock?
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  5. thats an excellent question! which i have no answer to lol, i wanted to wait to add it until i had more info, but sadly wasnt getting any
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  6. Yeah hunted around before I posted, and had no luck, despite my name.:D
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  7. Update 1.2.3
    Combined Versions of Arena Blade, each edition is slightly different, as such i decided to put them all under the umbrella of just Arena Blade

    Update 1.2.4
    Moved Dragon egg from Misc to dragon egg, dont think i need to explain this one :p
    Moved Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock (non soulbound) from Mob Drops to Contesnt/Award Items, as it was never dropped from a mob and was only on that page as it shares a wiki page with the current version

    Update 1.2.5
    Removed Gold and Diamond Supporter Gift (Community manager version) as they havent been confirmed to exist, they will be re-added if i can find any proof they exist :)
  8. Update 1.3
    Added Empire Firework new years 2019
    Added 2020 new year Aikar Head
    Added 2020 new year Krysyy Head

    Item total is now 484
  9. Update 1.3.1
    Changed Order of category's
    Divided Total's into Overall item total and collector total. As many of my friends know i don't include Misc and Contest category's in collecting goals, my reason for this is that these items are nearly all personalized items for a specific reason and items that aren't official/weren't intended to exist, i found myself adding this in every time i filled out a new version of the checklist and decided just to add it, i left the overall total for anyone who wishes to use that total still :)

    Update 1.3.2
    Fixed a Error with Special event item couting
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  10. Update 1.3.3
    Added Valentine's Gift Box

    Item total is now 485

    apologies for the delay, i wasnt able to login for a bit
  11. Update 1.3.4
    Added Netherhound (1.15.2)
    Added Chocolate bunny used (1.15.2)
    Added Valentine used (1.15.2)
    Added Easter Bunny used (1.15.2)
    Added Easter Bunny Pig Unused
    Added Easter Bunny Pig Used

    Item total is now 491
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  12. What was the change here for 1.15.2?
  13. Any of these spawned in the new update have different lore than the older ones :)

    netherhound for example, wolfs can no longer be eggified if they arent tamed and retain their neckband in the lore
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  14. Update 1.3.5
    Fixed Type in Aikar Signature
    Removed Oak,Birch,Jungle,Spruce missing texture blocks as they are turned into normal blocks by 1.15.2
    Changed No Texture Oak Slab name to Petrified Oak Slab

    Item total is now 487
  15. Update 1.3.6
    Added Uncraftable Tipped Arrow (no effect)
    Added Uncraftable Splash Potion
    Added Uncraftable Lingering Potion

    Item total is now 490
  16. Update 1.3.7
    Moved Cupid arrow, Cupid bundle and Cupid Pig + its variations from 2014 to 2015
    Removed All stacked versions of items

    Item total is now 481
  17. Update 1.3.8
    Removed ICC Udder delight

    Item total is now 480
  18. Out of curiosity, how come?
  19. one of my requirements for a item to be on the list is that it wont be destroyed by vaults, mail etc.

    stacked items like this are destroyed by shulker boxes so they dont meet the requirement :)
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