Curthania - SMP9 Wild Community Build

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  1. Well, me and a group of friends found a pretty nice place out from the West Outpost on SMP9 to start building. As we built we really started building bigger and better things, but realized, "Wouldn't it be great if we could get some other people out here building too?"

    So we made a site to help with ideas and keep track of current and finished builds, then we discovered the LLO on SMP7, and that's when we knew, we just had to make something to rival them lol. We have a "Vault" set up for storage of any material, we will provide one [LOCKED] Chest per person that comes out for your security and we also have a massive farm set up for food will never be an issue. Come on out and help us build something amazing!

    To see just a small amount of what we've built, follow this link:

    Or you can look at the live map, go the West Outpost and travel directly West from it and you will find us :)

    We currently have quite a lot of residents now building in Curthania and as always, the more the merrier :). A TON has been done and build since this post was first made, countless structures built, large and small, lots of griefing (I take that as a compliment that someone is so intimidated by our community that they feel the need to destroy it :) )

    Please keep checking the site and to see if myself or Deathtomb8953 is on, one of us usually is, if you would like to join, have a tour, or need help getting here :)
  2. Omg,

    I cant belive the things you guys have built so far in the past bit i set up shop out there with you guys , and the aera you guys just walled off is massive was a hilly region one day , the next flat with gaint walls and towers going up.

    Keep it up

    and the resource isle thing is awesome idea i set up beside it lol
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  3. I was Wondering if i can check it out something, I like to fellow wild community's on EMC to see what they build. Just PM me about it :)

    Nice Website here LLO's hasn't been updated in awhile :)

    Hope both of are community's can swap ideas. ooo also to beat the Greifers :D
  4. this looks kickass i might take a look at some point
  5. I´ll come and help you:)
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  6. Well then come out to SMP9 West Zone, you can't miss our land bridge follow it to our main entrance ( currently a giant castle being constructed) find a unclaimed spot and start to build if unsure of the spot contact one of the founders. being myself, eramas_man20 and mitharis. One of us is almost always one

    We do have some guide lines we would like followed post on boards at the start and finish of the bridge

    ill post a few here tho
    -don't use the natural resources of the main land. ie (dirt,sand and tree "trees are ok provided you replant and bone meal it") we are trying to keep it "unstrip mined". As we have a small island to the north set for the dubbed (RESOURCE ISLE)
    -cut a tree down replant it
    -kill a animal in the farm for food breed another
    -farm some wheat, plant the seed

    respect other buildings
    dont modify or change another persons building unless asked or feel the need to finish up for some on "as you may not know what or how they want it built"

    Other then that common sense should be applied


    Since it getting a little crowded out here we ask you leave at least 15 block between you and other builders to allow for future walk way to be built
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  7. Also if you do build please post a sign some where stating it's yours! and if you build far out " away form the main area" we have diggers more then willing to dig a tunnel to your digg's for you !
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  8. Sweet you guys got that tunnel up fast , thanks and love whatyour doing out here
  9. Yup! told you we like to dig had that up in no time!.

    Keep them coming
  10. Coming soon. Prepare for me. :) I'll start building a house and community things right away... :3
  11. Bump for the people that still needs to find out about us!

    Also /visit 18527

    Looking for some free stone to help with our huge castle that has already eatten up 30000 stone


    Check us out and thanks and have fun people!
  12. Prepare to be griefed.
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  13. geez i hope not by you .
  14. I don't go to the wild so.. don't worry :p
  15. comments like that can lead the mind a-stray.
  16. This is nice. It's great to see a new wild community being built on another smp. Especially one that looks like it's coming along nicely. The builds so far look awesome and the site is a nice touch.
    Now let's hope that a griever doesn't come hopping along.

    If you guys need any supplies I'd be happy to supply what I can. :)
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  17. Griefing is a part of the wild unfortunatly…good luck with the wild outpost! I'd join, but I'm in the wild for too many smps. Just remember to have lots of food and torches!
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  18. Thanks for all the interest and posts guys :)

    @ Iamsaj: We can't wait to have you out here! :D

    @ Bugmo1207: Thanks for the offer, however we'd rather just have you out here building than supplying us :p

    @ penfoldex: True, but we are almost constantly watching for griefers so, so far so good *fingers crossed* And lol we have PLENTY of food and torches :p
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  19. You can never have enough. ;)
    If you want to rival the LLO, they are necessity.
  20. Will be getting there soon eram. Dwight and Panda, if you guys are on, get on 9 nao plox... :3