Cure cancer with idle CPU time - Folding@home

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  1. Folding@home is the world's largest distributed supercomputer with over 100,000 computers and 10,000 TFlops of computing power. It's used by researchers at Stanford University to fold proteins and find why cancers like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's exist, and how to cure them.

    Through distributed computers, these types of simulations can be performed much quicker than even a supercomputer. You can install and have your computer start helping out in less than 5 minutes. It usually won't affect performance that much, and you can turn down or stop calculations at any time if you're doing compute-intensive jobs.

    Your completed work is automatically logged, and you can earn rupees just for leaving your computer idle - calculated based on your completed work units and points (see details here).

    I've created an EmpireMinecraft group, so we can see each other's contributions and all that stuff.

    Download Folding@home Client
    View EMC Group Stats

    Once you install the client, pick a username (or leave it blank to be anonymous).
    Then, put "230727" in the Group Code field and optionally pick a Passkey for your account.

    You can also be recognized as a member of the team and share your stats by placing this code in your signature:
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  2. I started it :) Doesn't hurt me to do it.
  3. Started. Maybe I can actually put my i7 to use now. :p
  4. Awesome!
  5. Downloaded. Time to start using my i7 6700k :p Looks like someone already used the name TromboneSteve because I already have 160k points and I'm on some team called whoopass lol
  6. Make sure to change your team so you can be credited for your work!
  7. I changed my name to Trombone_Steve. I don't want to steal some guys points lol.
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  8. I'm gonna join. If you have multiple computers, can you use one account or need more accounts?
  9. One account I believe.
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  10. Okay tha
    nks Keliris.
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  11. I'm not showing up on the team list D:
  12. It'll happen in a bit. The stats pages are delayed.
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  13. Downloaded and joined!
  14. We've made it into the top 6,000 teams, which means we get our very own live points display! You can see it in my signature.

    This points display updates every day, and showcases our stats. To help us gain even more members and further the cause, you can put this code in your signature to show an always-updated points display that recognizes you as a member of the team:

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  15. The Folding for EMC team is now in the top 5,000 teams and 1.83 Million points! Progress and stuffz :D
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  16. I've stopped doing this for a while since I installed Windows on my Macbook Pro. I have to do a bunch of updates before I can start doing this again. Probably will start within a couple days. Updating all the updates between Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  17. Reinstalled (I had done this once before when I had Windows) :p
  18. Congratulations!

    We made it to 2 million points, a huge milestone that could only have been accomplished with all the Folding for EMC team members!

    A huge thanks goes out to these contributors:
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  19. That's one complex Molecule :p
  20. Mine is stuck at 414 points. I leave it running for hours and I come back and it's completed a large amount of tasks but the points never go up.