Cure cancer with idle CPU time - Folding@home

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  1. I started it :) Doesn't hurt me to do it.
  2. Started. Maybe I can actually put my i7 to use now. :p
  3. Downloaded. Time to start using my i7 6700k :p Looks like someone already used the name TromboneSteve because I already have 160k points and I'm on some team called whoopass lol
  4. I changed my name to Trombone_Steve. I don't want to steal some guys points lol.
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  5. I'm gonna join. If you have multiple computers, can you use one account or need more accounts?
  6. One account I believe.
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  7. Okay tha
    nks Keliris.
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  8. I'm not showing up on the team list D:
  9. Downloaded and joined!
  10. I've stopped doing this for a while since I installed Windows on my Macbook Pro. I have to do a bunch of updates before I can start doing this again. Probably will start within a couple days. Updating all the updates between Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  11. Reinstalled (I had done this once before when I had Windows) :p
  12. That's one complex Molecule :p
  13. Mine is stuck at 414 points. I leave it running for hours and I come back and it's completed a large amount of tasks but the points never go up.