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  1. I am quite board. What can I do to make me like minecraft again?
    I haven't done anything on MC in a few weeks at least.
  2. Go really far out in the wild and make an epic base then open it to the public :D
  3. Take a break and return in a few months
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  4. Stop eating potato chips.
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  5. Make something that does not just benefit you - but the whole community.

    Alternatively, give yourself some challenges in EMC. I usually set myself one. Here are a list of ones I have completed:
    1 million
    2 million
    regular dragon egg
    full miniboss special item collection

    Although I am now a little under 2 million and do not have the dragon egg, I can possibly set them challenges again, and I really did have fun reaching all of the challenges. My current challenge was to get an SC of Ore Busters, I completed that a day or two ago - I currently do not have one, but if I do get bored, I just set myself a new challenge, and you can make it as hard, or as long, as you want :D

    Hope this helps you! -Fendinator
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  6. Attend every member-made contest you see
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  8. What kind of board are you? Interactive? Whiteboard? Chalkboard? #Badjoke
    Just kidding

    I am going through the same thing you're going through right now. :p Starting projects works for some people, but it doesn't for me, it actually makes me play the game less. However, I find joining an outpost or playing with others in the wild to be the best. :)
    Edit- Damn it sky!
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  9. I'm in a outpost. I started traveling really far into the smp3 wild. I have The hall of crafting and a project at my first res. it's not that EMC is boring, it's that MC is getting very boring to play. I love EMC and it's fun, but I think I might be very very inactive until DT or something big. I'm sorry, but Minecraft doesn't have anything NEW. 1.8 is coming but I could care less about it. I would hope they add a new dimension, new bosses, new ores. I never have time to attend those kind of events and even if I go I usually lag out or get nothing because of my crappy internet.
  10. MC may not have anything new - But challenges will always be new and you can make it a new experience too :)
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  11. There is no way I can even get 100k. The only reason I ever had 100k was because Robot_Chicken gave it to me. I can never find those mobs even after looking for Horus and once I find them I have to get off EMC or I lag really really bad. Regular dragon eggs are like 50 million rupees and I don't even think anyone sells those.
    Sorry to sound. So negative but it's the truth.
  12. Regular dragon eggs are about 400k, original dragon eggs are about 2-4, possibly even 8 million, and the whole point of a challenge? To be challenging so challenge yourself to get rupees and experiment every way possible till you find a way that suits you and get it! :) It took me over 200 days to complete my first challenge! It just takes determination.
  13. I suck at doing business. Maybe when me and Mockery finish our mall I will be super active again. You can get like a trillion rupees in a second. Remember you said you have that special rupee trick or whatever's. Besides. Most of my friends don't Play MC anymore and I could care less about tons of rupees. I'm looking for something fun to do.
  14. The rupee trick is business. You are not bad at it - You just need to find what you are good at. #Fendy'sWordsOfWisdom
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  15. If only :(

    Find things to do like many others have said, relying purely on the game to make stuff for you for fun will get boring :)
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  16. Ok, let's not talk crazy. You've heard of slime blocks, yes?
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  17. That's what I do. :p
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  18. ^This right here.
    Maybe you should take a break from minecraft and play different games like TF2.
    Hopefully you'll get inspiration. :p
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  19. I know... -_-
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  20. Yeah... about that... :oops:
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